Thursday, April 23, 2009

Call me weird!

...but I absolutely love cooking magazines and cook books.  So today at Sam's Club, I decided to get some to replace my rather large, now burnt and non-existent, collection.  I got 3 magazines and a Taste of Home cookbook.  I'm a girl in heaven!  Now I just need some time to look at them. :)

My sister in law, Pam came over once again to help me organize our new home away from home.  Seriously, this woman is amazing and should start a company doing this for people.  She can come into a room and I think she blinks her eyes (like I Dream of Jeannie) and it's all cleaned up.  It might be a little more work than that but that's how it seems to me.  My sister, also called Pam  has this organizational gene, as well.  I didn't get it.  But I'm wondering if the key is simply to name your daughter, Pam and she turns out like this.  Don't be surprised if we name our new Ethiopian daughter Pam!!

Mihiretu spent the afternoon at his friend from schools house yesterday afternoon.  What fun!  Her dad is a fireman and was actually there at our house the night of our fire.  It was so nice because he took Mihiretu and M (their daughter) to the fire station to climb on the equipment.  Mihiretu even was able to put on some of their clothes, including the suspenders!  I know this little boy will one day be a fireman now!  Seriously, see how wonderful people have been to us?
Talk about going above and beyond.

Blaine will get the video of the cutest (ok, one of the cutest!) newly adopted 4 year old boy up this weekend.  Busy, busy, busy!

Gotta run to pick up Mihiretu.  Where does the time go?


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  1. hmm. ok from one weirdo to another ... how far away from Maine are you? I've got LOTS of cook books/magazines and the like and love having them around... but until I build my own personal library (ooohh idea for your rebuild...?) I'm simply running out of room. Plus I don't cook much and I should really be using the space on say.. children's books or things I actually use instead of just gawk at an wonder what that might taste like.