Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Orphan Summit tomorrow!!!

I'm so excited...tomorrow is the day! I wanted so badly to go to the Orphan Summit last year but as it happened, we had the fire so that took care of that. So this year, God so graciously brought the Summit to Minneapolis and made it easy for us to attend. Thanks God!

Thought I'd list our sessions by name and description so you can see why I'm so excited.

Giving Voice to the Orphan-Dr. Karyn Purvis Learn how to become a true advocate for orphans and foster youth. (this woman is amazing and has a gift for understanding kids who've come from 'hard places'. Check her videos out on YouTube if you have a child you're struggling to understand! She's the best I've ever come across!)

Orphan Permanency: How can we achieve it?- Examine one of the most important questions in global orphan care: what are truly 'permanent' solutions for children and how do we find them?

Best Practices of Church to Church Orphan Care Partnerships- Survey top examples and key principles for lasting relationships between U.S. and indigenous churches for effective, on the ground orphan care.

The Financial Challenge of Adoption and How the Local Church Can Respond-Get to know available resources and services that enable churches to help adoptive families to overcome the biggest barrier to adoption: money.

The Communications Stack: A Model of Creating and Maintaining an Effective Web Presence

The Church as an Alternative to the Foster System-Learn how to replicate a model that is currently turning the Illinois' State Foster System on its head...and transforming churches in the process.

There are so many choices and we couldn't sign up for them all but I will be buying some sessions on CD, that is for sure! There are over 1,000 people signed up for this event from all over the U.S. It makes my heart sing to know this and to see all these people, who all share the same heart for the orphan will just be amazing.

Hope to meet some friends who's blogs I follow. Can't wait!!!

Pray for the people who are speaking and attending that hearts would be motivated and lives would forever changed for the benefit of the orphan and for the kingdom.



  1. ok now I am really really bummed that I can't come! I am so excited for you to be able to attend though! Can't wait to talk to you when you get home!
    Have a giant group hug for me!!!

  2. Ugh - sorry I won't be there - several of our prayer group is going! I'm sure you will have an incredibly blessed time! can't wait to hear all about it!


  3. I so wish I could have gone and had dinner at your house! I will have to plan a road trip there this summer! Have a great time and make sure you stop by the Project Hopeful booth and meet Traci, Bridget and Carolyn. Can't wait to hear all about it!

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