Friday, April 9, 2010

Experiencing God

Many years ago, I did a Bible study called, "Experiencing God." Actually, I did it twice. It was so good and really taught me a lot about how God works in our lives and how to recognize it when He does. It wouldn't surprise me to hear that many of you have been through this study, as well.

I don't have the book anymore (due to the fire) but I do remember what the first chapter says. It says (paraphrasing), "God is at work all around us. All we need to do is look around and see where He's moving and working, and then join Him in His work." That's how we can know we're doing His will.

If you are a Christian, desiring to follow God, please hear what I am about to say. God is working OVER TIME in Korah right now. If you are looking for a way to make an eternal difference for the Kingdom of God, look no further. It's right here before you!

You cannot believe how people are responding to the needs of these precious people. I am astounded as I lay awake at night, trying to figure it all out. (I know it's not meant for me to figure's just fun trying!) I am in awe, truly.

As far as I know December was the pivotal month for this change. An organization named Hopemonger's visited them and were moved as they saw the people living in the dump, scavenging for food. They provided a Christmas dinner of 4 goats and all the fixings for many, many people there who enjoyed it immensely. They have ways to help the people from Korah on their website.

Then the next month, a group including my new friend Sumer came there after visiting Katie ( in Uganda on a trip that also included a visit to Ethiopia. She really didn't have any desire to visit Ethiopia but the group was going there, so she sort of had to. They stayed at the wonderful Ethiopia Guest Home, met Sammy, visited Korah and the rest is history (not really history, more like future!). She and her husband are moving their 3 little boys there, now it looks like for a year to help transition some of the kids from the dump into a boarding school via the summer program beginning this June.

When we planned for Blake, Zach, Katie and De to go there, we didn't know anything about Sumer and her HUGE plans (God's plans, really). Now we do and wow, I'm blessed to know this woman. She and her family have heard God's voice and they are taking action, joining Him at the work He's already doing in Korah.

I spoke with her on the phone today and I hope I can relay this as clearly as it happened.

If you've never seen God work or heard His voice, let me give you a great example of how He sometimes does it.

I asked her about how she arrived at Korah in the first place and she was telling me the story.

The trip before she got to Korah was very emotional (as it would be, visiting orphanages) but when she arrived in Korah, it was a totally different feeling. She said she didn't cry at all but instead felt hopeful, and she was filled with the though, "I can help these people."

When she said these words, I was BLOWN away. Seriously!

Why, you ask?

Because I had said the EXACT, EXACT same words when I was there. I told Katie the very day we were there.

Here is an old post from this blog that relates how I felt:

The day we were to go to Korah, I woke up at 2am and God and I had a long conversation. I told Him that I knew we HAD to go see this place, but that I did not feel I had the strength to be broken anymore. He has broken me so much in this past year with the house fire and Blaine getting sick and paralyzed that I cried out to Him to spare me this. I just could not take it.

But you know what He did? Yes, it was a 'breaking' experience to see Korah but God issued me a challenge... a challenge to be an advocate and do something to change the way life is for these precious people. I was inspired and humbled, but not broken into little pieces all over the place as I have been before. I needed to be strong for my girls and God did give me that strength. Praise His holy name!

I didn't use Sumer's exact words here but I DID in Ethiopia.

Do you see?? God impressed this upon her while she was there and it was the EXACT same thing, down to the exact words we said.

Now THAT is God at work. No mistaking it.

You're going to hear a lot about Korah on this blog in months and years to come. Like I said before, God is moving in this place for a great purpose.

We're joining Him...sign us up...we're sold out!

There are so many opportunities to help...pray, go there and help, donate money, sponsor a child there, become a friend with Samuel Liben on Facebook.

Join Him. This is a great opportunity! Don't miss it.


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  1. Great post Laura - please friends visit our blog

    This is an amazing opportunity to walk with God and see Him do GREAT and WONDERFUL things!

    Blessings and love! Truly in awe!