Monday, April 5, 2010

Korah-Getting excited!

Some of you are probably wondering what is going on with Korah. Well, let me tell you..LOTS!!

Blake and Zach have put in many hours getting a video made for the website that a friend is building for them. The video is now done and it's such a blessing to watch it! I will post it here very soon.

God is moving in Korah, I mean REALLY moving. We've all learned along the way (and if you haven't yet, you will) that God's timing is perfect and that in the fullness of His time, things happen. I can't tell you why for so many decades, Korah was ignored and forgotten. But it seems in the past few months, God has said, "Take notice of my beloved people in Korah" because people are!

I have gotten acquainted with Sumer, who is from Nashville. She visited Korah in a month or two before we did in February. There she saw the horrible poverty of the children who live in the dump and she was moved by God to act. Since then (hopefully I can get this all correct) she has made her church aware that for $650 per year sponsorship, they can get a child out of the dump and into a wonderful boarding school. Praise God that the people of her church had eyes open so that they could see these children as Christ sees them...with compassion and love. I believe they have sponsored about 100 kids!

Sumer, her husband (a teacher) and their 3 boys are spending the summer in Korah and now it looks like it may be significantly longer to prepare the children to transition from the dump to a boarding school. They need to learn things like how to hold a pencil and other things. They are running a summer camp at Korah for the kids who are sponsored. Sweet Sammy, however had bigger plans and opened up the summer camp (VBS) up to 760 kids, not just the sponsored kids but other kids from the church as well! Gotta love this guy with big dreams! Several people from Sumer's church have volunteered some time this summer to help them run this program in Korah, all without being asked I might add!

This brings me to my lovely daughter, Katie and her wonderful boyfriend, De who have also said, "We're going, too!" So they will be joining Blake and Zach during the time they are there. They'll all work with the kids in the morning then the boys will work with the church leaders in the afternoons to teach them guitar.

This leads me to a wonderful surprise. Katie and De have spoken to a couple of their high school teachers about Korah and what they're doing this summer. Today, Katie was approached by a teacher and asked if she and De would like to be interviewed in a video about their summer plans! They also want our whole family in the video regarding our adoptions. This will be shown in school and every student will see it, as well as the staff. Their high school has over 1,600 students! This teacher also said that he'd see what he could do about helping them with fundraising! The kids are so excited about this. How wonderful to have a school that supports their students like this. We're all totally blown away by this response by a public school. Humbling.

So as soon as Blake and Zach's website is up, you'll be the FIRST to know.

Praising God for His amazing faithulness,



    It is amazing to watch God work!

    I'm so blessed to hear all the ways your family is saying YES to GOD and NO to the world!

    Blessings and love,

  2. Forgot to say thanks for sharing the video with me today! I know Sammy will LOVE it when he sees it! Your son and his friend did a great job!!!!!

    I'm thrilled to be working together with such a great group of people who are NOT afraid to dream big - knowing with GOD NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

    Hugs good night!