Monday, April 12, 2010

My thoughtful boys

We had a great weekend doing yardwork. The weather was perfect and the whole family worked together. We have lots to do since the fire in terms of yardwork. The heavy equipment tore up the grass and made a general mess of things. We put down mulch, cleaned up flower beds (still pieces of charred wood and broken glass around), made the boys a sandbox. Here the boys are helping Daddy on the 4 wheeler.

Blaine brought Mihiretu and Misganaw with him to Sam's Club the other day. My thoughtful and sweet son, Mihiretu saw the flowers there and said, "Dad, I want to buy flowers for Mom!" He gave me a big hug with the flowers...priceless.

Not to be outdone, Misganaw also spotted something that he just had to have for "Mommy". Yes, that's it...I was presented with this box of 100 suckers from Misganaw. It included a big hug. Also priceless.

My little Misganaw...always thinking of others!!


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  1. So sweet!

    That is really precious and I'm glad they made you feel special and loved! Because you are!

    Hugs and love,