Monday, April 19, 2010

Nicest neighbors

My sweet, lovely neighbor ladies organized a lunch date so they could welcome Aliya to the neighborhood on Saturday. We had a great time visiting and they all introduced themselves to her so when she's sees them in the neighborhood, they won't be strangers to her.

Now just how thoughtful is that? Especially in a day where we don't even know our next door neighbors name! There were 12 of us...12 on a beautiful, sunny Saturday. Of course there was food involved, so that always helps...and visiting, we love to do that! But more than that, there was a genuine desire to meet and know the new girl in the neighborhood and make her feel loved and welcome.

They bought her a hoodie with our local school team on it and a gift certificate to American Eagle, which incidentally she had spent by Saturday night!

I'm really sorry for everyone who doesn't live in my neighborhood! You can have really nice neighbors too, but probably they won't be as nice as mine. Sorry!!:-) I'll let you know when a home in our neighborhood comes up for sale.

She spent the evening at my moms house and they went to the Mall of America, shopped and had dinner there. This was her first sleepover and she loved every minute. Next time Grandma wants her for the WHOLE day, not just the evening. Just not enough time to do everything they wanted to do, like bake cookies.

On a different topic...don't laugh (especially you, Jill!) I need some help with keeping my schedule organized. What I do now is have a calendar on the wall and that's how I keep track of everything. Mostly it works. But on Saturday, I kind of forgot something important.

Mihiretu had dress rehearsal from 10-12 on Saturday morning for his choir concert which was on Sunday.

Here is what we did on Saturday:

Got up and made French toast. Cleaned that up.

Aliya had another hair appointment at 11:00.

Lunch with the neighbors at 1:15, which we were a little late for because of the hair appointment.

Come home, work on laying down fertilizer and grass seed (from the mess left from the fire...vehicles fixing the house)
Get done at 8:00.

Get Misganaw into bed. Mihiretu is having a sleep over with a friend.

Aahhhhh, climb into hot tub and uhhhh-ohhhhh. What did I forget? Dress rehearsal and also Mihiretu is supposed to be at church at 8:25 am to sing in the first service. Oh, boy!

I knew about it but just didn't write it down. Totally my fault!

I'm finding it hard to keep track of everyones stuff.

Does anyone have any good ideas? They really have to be easy for me. Nothing electronic, unless it is super easy. Nothing big to carry around in my purse.

I wish they sold extra memory for my brain like they do for computers.

Anyone?? Help!



  1. That is so very sweet! Your neighborhood sounds lovely!

    Now about that laughing. You won't hear any from me. I'm not sure how I will keep track of 9 extra schedules when they are all a bit older doing things outside of this house at different times. YIKES! I'll let you know how I manage when it gets closer to that - until then keep me posted on your good ideas and tips from friends!

    Hugs and love - Jill
    PS Yeah that Aliya did so well on her first sleep over. Lilly will be doing the same soon too! She can't wait to be with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop alone!

  2. With 5 of us to keep track of, we invest in a large grid calandar that is posted prominantly in the main part of the house. Each person has a different color highlighter to keep track. We still have to look at the calendar each day, but it helps to glance and see who is needing to do something. (We also use the dry white out strips if schedules change!) Sue Jackson

  3. Maybe you should just hire a live in assistant. I program all my appts in my cell phone and that way it gives me between 15-60 minutes notice of any upcoming events. I know I'm just scheduling for myself and my pets but I thought that was a lot. I hope you figure it out. Glad things are going so good for you. I was in your neck of the woods on Saturday/well drove through it. I love it out there.

  4. Hey there... I don't have a as I am working on that myself. :o)
    I was wondering though if I could get your email address, or do I have it? I want to talk to you about Korah.
    mine is better than good 10@gmail. com
    Thanks!!! :o)

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  6. With 8 children in the home and 6 in sports, I found Microsoft Outlook the best thing EVER for me. (Sorry, it's electronic...we just outgrew calendars. Though when we only had 4, this was a great calendar out there with a column for each child.) I can assign a color for each child so it helps my brain stay organized when I see 4-5 activites scheduled at the same time. I also have google calendar automatically upload it so that I can check the google calendar on my cell phone when I am out running around. Also, my hubby set up the google calendar to text me reminders for events. Definitely techno, but once it is set up, it is SUPER easy and so much easier to stay organized (I promise!)
    Blessings, Kristy