Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thank you, Jesus

Thank you that we weren't awoken by smoke alarms last night.

Thank you that my children slept soundly in their beds and woke up to their home standing intact all around them.

Thank you for the smoke free smell of our home.

Thank you for the peace and quiet of this house this morning.

Thank you that we get to spend Easter here tomorrow, celebrating Your resurrection!!!

Thank you for a carpet to vacuum.

Thank you for shelves and tables to be able to dust.

Thank you for an oven to prepare Easter dinner.

Thank you for bringing us through the past year and for never, ever leaving us.

Thank you for not letting us be consumed by fear.

Thank you for the addition of a new daughter since this time last year.

Thank you for hearing my prayer for safety last night.

We are so grateful and love you so much.


Some of you might have realized that it was one year ago in the wee hours of this morning that our house burned down. Oh, what God has brought us through durning this past year!!

I am truly and overwhelmingly thankful for a carpet that needs vacuuming and shelves that need dusting today. I'm thrilled to have laundry to do today. It's all to fresh in my mind how it feels not to have any of these things.

But ultimately "things" are not what matter. Through all of our struggles, the Lord went along side us and sometimes before us and helped us and gave us success in whatever the challenge of the day happened to be. He comforted and encouraged us.

He blessed us with a beautiful, wonderful new daughter and a deeper faith in Him. Our family is closer than ever and we've all grown in more ways than I can recall.

So thank you, Jesus. For everything!


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  1. I have been thinking about you this morning and I too praise God for all that He has done in your family and home!

    Sending hugs and praising God you are all safe and well!

    Enjoy the glory of the Lord this weekend!
    Hug all of your children for us!