Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some pics of our spring break trip

Ok, I REALLY need to know how to fix whatever happened to my blogspot settings. It still won't let me post text after each picture. Oh well...

In the first picture (I hope) you see all of us, minus De at "Disney." For all of us to get into Disney World, it would have cost about $1000 for a DAY! Well, that was not going to happen but I did want the kids to "feel" like they went to Disney World so we visited the Disney Marketplace, which is just restaurants and shops that you can go to without paying to get into the park. The 2 little ones were thrilled! We spent 45 minutes there, looking at all the Disney merchandise in the stores. We even let Mihiretu and Misganaw pick out a toy, which was a Toy Story play set. Both picked the same thing! Then we bought huge suckers for all the kids (even bringing one home for Blake so he could "feel" like he'd been with us!) and we got out of "Disney World" for $40!! When we left, Mihiretu with all enthusiasm said, "THANKS, Mom and Dad, for taking us to Disney World!!" Misganaw agreed with him and we just said, "You are very welcome," and everyone left feeling satisfied. Someday I know we'll have to tell them they didn't actually go to Disney World, but it worked for now!

The next picture is of the us...the old people!

I wanted you to see a side by side picture of Aliya and Mihiretu. Now you can really see just how much they look alike!! That is why when we saw the picture of her, we all said, "She looks just like Mihiretu!!"

Aliya and her Dad...can I just say how much this girl LOVES her dad??? She is CRAZY about him and he adores her.

Then, finally the 3 youngest at Busch Gardens (I think)...a park we could afford!



  1. Wow Laura they really do look alike, and he's sure growing!!! He doesn't look like a little boy any more. :o)
    Hey I think that's the least expensive trip to Disney EVER!! You rock! ;o)

    Looks like fun had by all. :o)

  2. I loved seeing these photos! I miss seeing your smile in person! :-)

    Glad you all had such a great trip!

    Sending hugs and love,