Saturday, May 1, 2010

Loved the Orphan Summit

Just a quick post to say that the Orphan Summit was wonderful! So much to learn.

My head was about to explode last night after hearing Piper speak! He spoke right to Blaine and I and our adoption experience from a Biblical perspective and it just made my head spin. To the point where Advil was necessary! The other speakers were a huge blessing and encouragement in our passion to help the orphan. Being among about 1,300 like minded people was so refreshing. It was a place where we didn't feel like 'out there people' with 'out there ideas'. To be honest, sometimes it gets a little exhausting to defend and explain why we do what we do, especially when most of the world does not understand it.

Remember when I said some months back that when you live the gospel out in your life, everything ends up being upside-down? The poor will be rich, the weak are strong, the first are last, etc. All of that is opposite of what the world tells you is important. The world says, "You only live once, get all you can get, be first and be strongest and leave all others in your wake." This is not the gospel!

Anyway, Blaine and I had the privilege of meeting Eileen and Jerry. These are two people who I've admired for some time and who I can say, directly impacted my heart on adopting a teenager from Ethiopia. Here's her blog...check her out. I'll share more later on what we talked about but it was a blessing from God that I literally almost ran into her coming around a corner! God ordained meeting.

We also got a very nice surprise when, coming out of a session, a sweet lady stopped us to ask us if we had a blog. I said, "Yes." She was hesitant to tell us because she didn't want to come across as a stalker but she lives in Colorado and reads my blog! She is a mom, waiting to pass court for her gorgeous little baby girl in Ethiopia. Yep, we got to see the picture!! Cute pudgy cheeks in all their glory! When you're waiting to get your child home from Ethiopia, it is VERY fun to read other peoples blogs! She's a blessed mom and she blessed us by introducing herself to us. It's just nice to know someone actually reads this crazy blog!

I will share more about the content of the Summit hopefully tomorrow. Super busy day today getting ready for huge birthday party tomorrow.



  1. Love when God shares those moments! I was reading a bit of Piper's sermon last night on the live blog wishing I were there in person to hear it. :o)
    I know it was amazing! I can't wait to go to the one in PA in November. Sure wish you could come to that one! :o)
    Talk to you later. If you need to call a different day since you are planning a party. ;o)
    Talk to you soon.

  2. Oh I can't wait to hear more!

    Love and hugs Laura! I get you and you are NOT alone swimming up stream!


  3. I am disappointed I didnt run into you. I probably did, and didnt even realize it was you! I should have planned to meet up with you or something. Wasnt the entire Summit amazing though?! Loved it so much.

  4. That was me! That was me! It was so fun meeting the two of you. Such a treat for me after quietly following your blog for so long. I'm so glad you were in our session too. Sorry we didn't get a chance to talk again. Glad you had a great time! Amanda