Thursday, May 13, 2010

Aliya's dedication on Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, we were part of a service of dedication for Aliya at church. Even though Aliya is 14, we didn't want her to miss out on this special event of dedicating her to God and promising to raise her to know Him better. It's a service of commitment. She was so nervous to have to stand in front of the entire church. She told us many time, "I don't want!" I assured her all she had to so was 'stand there'.

We went out and bought my tomboy a cute dress, which she approved of and actually wanted. She really fits well into this family of non-dress loving females:) She looked so pretty.

She said to me, "Even though I don't want to do the dedication, I will do it because it is Mother's Day and you are my mother and I will do it for you." How sweet is that?

She was really brave until on the way to church, Blaine just had to tell her that she had to sing a song and pray in Amharic! This caused her to panic and she said, "TAKE ME HOME! I am NOT going!"

I assured her again that I would never lie to her and that what I told her was the truth. Nothing had changed except her dad was even crazier than she thought!

It was a special day and we had a lunch for her with the family in attendance.

I received so many bouquets of flowers for Mother's Day that I could open a flower shop right about now! Even Rene was able to make it. They really were beautiful and special.

Hope all you mom's had a special Mother's Day!



  1. Praising God for the love you received on Mother's Day and the special way you were able to celebrate it!