Friday, May 21, 2010

She gave it all

The garage sale is going well. One more day and then it's over. So far, the kids have raised about $1400, hoping and praying for a big day tomorrow.

People have been really nice after seeing the signs with the pictures of Korah. Some even rounded their total up, some by $25 to help the kids with their trip! How nice is that? Then there was the guy who wanted a sterling silver pitcher for "half a dollar" because it had a small dent in it. Um, no. He then bought a clock for $3 and a beautiful grilling spatula which was marked $.75. He wanted them both for $3. Some people you can't win with:) But when a woman asked if the total for all her many items could be just $10, Zach wisely told her that they were raising money for a mission trip and she promptly went 'shopping' for a second time and bought double what she had picked up originally, at full price! OK, now we're talking!

I have to share a precious story that happened yesterday. Aliya came to me with her wallet, opened it up and took everything out of it saying, "I want to give this to Katie...for Korah."

I said, "Aliya, you don't have to give her ALL of your money, maybe just some would be fine."

She said, "No, I want. ALL for Korah."

With the 2 pennies I found in my wallet, she gave Katie a total of $16. Everything she had. Everything penny.

I had tears in my eyes and hugged her and told her what a kind and generous girl she was.

This is a girl who has never had ANYTHING in her life to call her own. No money, certainly. Wouldn't you think she would hang on to it with all her might? We always hear that kids in orphanages tend to hoard things because they've gone without for so long and they are afraid that they might have to go without again.

But my daughter, who has only been home in a secure home and family for 3 months gave it all. Maybe she trusts us enough to know that there is more. Maybe she just trusts God and is being obedient. She does have a BIG, compassionate heart. She cares about the people of Korah so much and her heart was so impacted for them and their terrible plight that she was willing to really sacrifice for them. What she understands is that here at home, there is enough. But in Korah, there is NOT more and there is NOT near enough and without divine intervention, there will never be.

She willingly and joyfully gave to a group of people who she probably will never see again. Why should she care? She has her family in America. She's safe, loved and has her needs met. Why would she care about a group of people on the other side of the world?

Why should we care? Why should you care?

Let's face it...we cannot ALL be go-ers. We have families, jobs, mortgages, whatever. What we all can do is be givers. Givers to the go-ers. We can support them in prayer as they go.

The kids are now about half way there to their goal of $12,000. This money is for airfare and the stay at the guest house there. They leave in 3 weeks. They have to raise $6000 more and really need your prayers and financial support.

Friends, much are you willing to sacrifice?

Aliya has taught me so much and I'm learning from her every day.

Please visit the kids' website and pray about what role the Lord would have you play in helping them 'go.' Visit the site and drop them an encouraging note (via email) and tell them you'll commit to pray for them. I know it would bless them immensely.


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  1. God is amazing when He shares those gifts with us huh?! Still paying for you all. Loaves and Fishes, Loaves and Fishes... God will take and multiply all that you are given for His glory! :o)
    Thank you for sharing Aliya's heart....she is such a gift.