Friday, May 14, 2010

My baby is 4!

This is all of us except De, who had to work. Rene joined us for Mother's Day and we squeezed a little birthday party in for my new 4 year old, Misganaw!

I have been lamenting my little one turning 4. Truthfully, I love 3...there is so much sweetness wrapped up in a 3 year old. I know all ages are wonderful but there is a pinch of sadness when your baby turns 4.

Well, I felt that way until we went on his birthday to Trader Joe's. I had asked an employee if he could help me find the maple leaf cookies (do you know the ones I'm talking about??) and he showed me. I turned around to pick them up and I hear Misganaw say to the guy, "Hey, you know what?"

He says, "What?"

Misganaw, loudly and excitedly says, "I ALWAYS poop REALLY BIG POOPS!!!!"

I slowly turn around and ask, "Did he really just say what I think he said?"

He shakes his head, "Yes."

The guy gives Misganaw a high five and I'm left wondering how many other people in this crowded store heard that.

The guy comes back a couple minutes later with some stickers, saying, "Maybe these will keep him busy."

I say, "Maybe I should put one over his mouth and maybe it would keep him quiet!"

We both laughed and I informed Misganaw that there are things we don't share with just anyone! Good thing I'm a seasoned mom!

This little encounter actually made me think, "4 is looking better to me right now!"

Misganaw and Woody.

Mihiretu made me this pinch pot for Mother's Day!

Blaine and I bought Aliya a beautiful Bible for her dedication. She has one in Amharic but this one is in English.

Aliya received these angels for her dedication from her grandma's. The funny thing is that neither one knew the other was getting an angel for her. They also BOTH bought her a picture frame. Weird, huh?



  1. LOVE the pics. You look great!! :o) I love 3 too, and 4 comes with it's own set of fun ;o) They think of new more fun things to say the older they get.
    Happy Birthday handsome!!!
    I can't get over how grown Mihiretu looks! Goodness!


    Your family is so beautiful!

    Love seeing Aliya smiling after her dedication! Her joy is full!

    Hugs as you continue through the final toddler year!

    Love you,