Tuesday, March 9, 2010

That's what I said...Boody trap

We just had a laughing attack at our house. Blaine is working with Aliya on her Algebra (yes, you read that right...Algebra!) He just said the word, "Obtuse" and she couldn't stop laughing! Then Blaine asked her what a certain angle was and she replied with her Ethiopian accent, "90" which sounds like "nine-tee". Blaine said, "Not 19. It's nine-dee." She said, "That's what I said!" Which she did!

By this time we're all laughing! Blaine says, "I said Boody trap!"

If you haven't seen "The Goonies", there is a kid with an accent who loves to set up booby traps.

You may have had to be here for this one!

Sorry, I'm still laughing!

Her English is getting better but is still quite limited so we have lots of laughs per day.

Now he's teaching her about the word "mean" as it applies to math. Oh, boy!!

The language slip-ups are hilarious! I'll write them down on a daily basis so I can share them with you.

This girl cracks us up:-)



  1. LOL! Sounds like our house. Sometimes Lilly is frustrated with her siblings for not understanding her. She comes and gets me - Mom they don't understand me. Then her and I laugh!

    It is wonderful to hear how happy Aliya is and how well she has adjusted...even to Algebra!

    Hugs and much love,

  2. Goonies!!!! I SO laughed when I saw the title, I use that line all the time with E. I am so glad you are loving your time together! :o) Blessings