Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Teaching a 14 year old to ride a bike!

For some reason lately, blogspot is messed up in regards to posting pictures. The pictures don't show up so I can write under them. It just shows a milion characters! Anyone know why this is or how to fix it??

Anyway, you can see from the pictures that we had lots of fun over the weekend with our warmer weather! Blaine wanted to teach Aliya to ride a bike. He had only a little success with this. She tried so hard but kept tipping over. When you've never ridden a bike, it's so hard to get the balance put together with the peddling, then there is the steering. Yikes! We need to get her on a stationary bike first, I think just to get the peddling down.

The bike riding turned into a snowball fight. The picture of Blaine throwing a snowball at Aliya's HEAD, really wasn't as bad as it appears on the picture! Click on that one so you can see it up close. Super funny!

Aliya held her own in her first-ever snowball fight. There was lots of laughing and screaming!

The snowball fight turned into the making of a snowman. Isn't he cute?

5 kids is the best!


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  1. Oh those are funny! Yes, your snowman is CUTE!

    Lilly taught herself to ride a bike in two days. Her and the girls took an entire afternoon to figure it out. She was like Aliya at first but within an hour she got it. She is still figuring out the stopping part. But she LOVES to be outside for hours riding her bike or jumping rope with her sisters.

    It is awesome to see her with Blaine and the boys. She looks so happy and like she has been there forever! Her hair looks great!

    I'll be posting photos later this week of the girls figuring out riding a bike too!

    Tell Katie I'll be in touch next week about the book. I am going through the photos and selecting ones to begin working on together!

    Love you all!