Friday, March 19, 2010

The kid cracks me up!

I am so quick to forget the hilarious things Misganaw says on a daily basis but this one, I have to write down so I don't forget.

At lunch today, Misganaw looked at me and asked me, "Mom, do you want to be a princess?"

I said, "Yes, I do."

He said, "If you were a princess, what kind of princess would you like to be?"

I said, "A pretty, pink princess."

To this he replied, "Know what kind of princess I would be?"

Me, a tad concerned what the answer to this might be, said, "What kind of princess would you be?"

He scrunches up his face and whispers, "Spider Man. Or Batman!"

I told him that those weren't princesses but superheroes. Phew!

"Yep, that's what I want to be...a superhero!"

I don't know about a superhero but Misganaw, you ARE super funny!


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