Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's going to be a big surprise!

She did it! Aliya learned to ride a bike! Blaine took her on Saturday and bought it...her first ever bike. She has been working hard to get the peddling down with keeping her head up to watch where she's going, and then there is the steering. So many things to remember! She began doing better when, left to her own devices, she decided to try on the grass, starting at the top of a gradual hill. This worked well.

Then, last night as I was walking to my neighbors' for a basket party, Blaine had her in the street and she took off on her own, doing great I might add!

I got home after she was in bed so she didn't get to show me, but I heard all about it. A car was coming and she ever so slowly, swerved and went off the road and down into a 3 foot ditch. She went head over heals and when she came up, she was completely covered with mud! Blaine said she got really mad, took off her jacket and threw it on the ground!

I was concerned that she'd never want to ride that bike again. But it seems that she just got right back on and tried again.

That's my resilient girl!! She had to show me her big bandaid this morning!

This morning, after Blaine had taken her to school and I was making breakfast for the little boys, the phone rang. It was Aliya's school. Actually, it was ALIYA!


Aliya (in a frantic, breathless voice)-"Mom, do you see my hormwork?" (I'm going to do the accent!)

Me-"Where is it?"

Aliya-"I don't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is my mott and scieeeeeeence!! QUEEK!! QUEEK!!!!!"

Me-"Here it is, right on the buffet."

Aliya-"MOM, QUEEEEEEK! Please, can you bring it???? QUEEEEEEEEKK!!"

Me-"Yes, I will bring it as soon as I can."

Aliya-"Oh, mom! QUEEEEEEEEK!!! QUUUUEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!" (This is quick if you haven't figured it out)

I load up the boys and run her homework to her school. She's waiting in the Dean's office. I hand it to her and she RUNS back to class. As I look into the Dean's office, one of the deans is laughing his head off!

I can just imagine her coming to the deans office for help this morning.

"Please call my mom...I don't know my phone number. Please, you call!!" Just her in panic mode like that would have been funny and then to listen to the conversation...no wonder they were laughing!

Forgetting your homework really isn't THAT big of a deal in America. It must be in Ethiopia! We'll work on getting all her homework back into her backpack each evening.

Now, for the fun part. Spring break...in Florida! We leave this Thursday. Unfortunately, we leave Blake at home as his spring break doesn't line up with the other kids'. It turns out that we will get to see Aliya's best friend, Anaya on Thursday afternoon!! Aliya knows about it and is overjoyed but Anaya is going to be surprised! So shhhhhhhh! I can imagine Aliya going to the door and ringing the doorbell and Anaya screaming when she sees her. SO FUN!

It will be 7 of us going (including De). We're going to hit Sea World and their water park. Disney is just so expensive for 7 people so we won't go there. That's ok, we'll have lots of fun. We are staying with Blaine's aunt and uncle who are wonderful hosts and have a house that is the PERFECT set up for guests, even 7 guests! We're so thankful to have a place to stay because traveling is NOT meant for a family of 7, if you know what I mean.

I'll have lots of pics to post when we get back. Can't wait to share them with you!



  1. Have a blast!

    I'm seriously jealous! But that is OK!

    Hug my sister for me and tell the kids we will see them soon!

    Enjoy your trip!

  2. SO FUN!!!
    Praying for your trip and the SURPRISE SO FUN!
    I think we should change quick to queek!:)

  3. So fun to listen to your growth stories with your new daughter. We are hoping to pursue another adoption when our weddings are over and are seriously considering an older girl. Good to hear how things are going for you all.
    Delighting in Him

  4. Hey, just found out we will also be visiting the leper colony! oh my goodness... I am not sure what my heart is going to do with all the blessings... and heart break! :o)

  5. How fun! We took our family to Florida a month ago and had a great time!

    Also, I finally registered for the Summit and thought I would share my schedule:

    Session I: Understanding Childhood Development
    Session II: Orphan Premeancy
    Session III: Starting in the right direction - helping pre-adoptive couples.
    Session IV: Adoption and Orphans, Attachment I
    Session V: Adoption and Orphans, Attachment II
    Session VI: Church based orphan ministry: Global.

    Hope to run into you!

  6. ok- dogs....

    hunting dog? ok... but if its the high energy of a brit you are looking to avoid.. a hunting dog will have similar needs. They are smart and have energy and driven to please-- so if left to themselves... well... you know....

    but- hands down.. I'd go with a springer spaniel or even better a springer mix which can be a bit smaller. Even smaller something like a king charles spaniel are a delight with attitude all their own. ($$$$ tho) If you are getting a puppy... let me know too. There are a couple clues I can give you on temperment testing before you pick one. my public yahoo address is gon_hikn93

  7. great updates...hope spring break is fun!