Thursday, March 4, 2010

My baby is at school

It seem like just yesterday that our Aliya became a member of our family and today, her dad drove her to her first whole day in 7th grade! How time flies!

She was met by her new friend, who just so HAPPENS to be Ethiopian at the front door today. This girl will take Aliya around and go to all her classes with her. Now just how like God is that to do such a thing? This girl is also a 7th grader and was adopted 6 years ago. Aliya met her the on Monday and was SO excited to have her as a friend. Thank you, God for setting all this up!

Yesterday, we spent the day at the International Adoption Clinic and things went very well. We had a woman interpreter who stayed with us the whole time. She was so helpful and it was great to get to know her. Aliya doesn't like doctors or dentists but did very well and it wasn't near as bad as she had expected. She had lots of blood work (I mean like 8 vials or so). She is one healthy girl and even though she is on the smaller end of normal for her age for height and weight, she is definitely on the 'normal' size chart.

Last night, after Aliya went to bed, Katie wanted to go up to her room and borrow a shirt. Thinking she was fast asleep, she went in and scared Aliya half to death! Katie came down laughing and telling us the story. This morning, when I woke her up (early) for school, she barely had opened her eyes when she said, "I scared! I scared!"

Thinking I'd scared her, I said, "I'm sorry."

She said, "No...Katie."

I laughed and told her I had heard about what had happened. Like a flash, she disappeared and I thought she bee lined it to the bathroom. I couldn't figure out where she'd gone, but she instantly came up from the basement, telling me of how she had gotten Katie back for what she'd done to her the night before.

When Katie got up, she told me that Aliya had come into her room, switched the light on and then off and RAN, I mean RAN out of there and up the stairs!

Good choice on the running, Miss sister is NOT a happy, morning person:-) Although, I do have to say that Katie had a smile on her face while she was telling me about this! So cute! SISTERS!!!!

Well, I must go work on my presentation now.



  1. I love it! :o) Love how she is just fitting right in. SO love it when God does that! ;o)

  2. Laura - that is awesome about her "new" friend. Love how God works things out so perfectly!

    Love how she is home where she so obviously belongs! The joy she is feeling and receiving is awesome!

    I'm praying for your presenation. Hoping to catch up later this afternoon!


  3. I love hearing your updates. Remembering to pray for you also.


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  5. Okay, I'm beginning to be a bit of a blog sorry...I'm just amazed at the similarities in our adoptions/children! My newest three started school on March 4th as well! And my 11yo son is hesitant to speak at school (some of the kids make fun of his accent. UGH!) Also, can you tell me about your haircare routine for your daughter? I really struggle with my oldest ET daughter's hair. growinginfaithandfamily at gmail dot com.
    Blessings, Kristy