Thursday, March 18, 2010

A one hour snapshot

Before we brought Aliya home, Blaine and I took a weekend and went away to our cabin for a weekend. Remember, Katie gave us the weekend of babysitting for our Christmas present? When we went away, we made up a list of how we were going to spend time equally with each child in our home. We didn't want anyone to feel left out so we thought we'd be deliberate about it. Thinking ahead...not usually my strong suit.

Note to self: following through...also not my strong suit.

Well, we made this list but then we failed to follow it.

We know the upheaval that bringing a new child into a family causes, even when that child is wonderfully behaved and the perfect fit. Everyone must re-find their place in the family because everyones place and role changes in some way. It is stressful and needs to be worked out but it's necessary and normal.

So now we are working on that list again...not writing it but doing it.

I thought you might enjoy seeing this little one hour snapshot into the life of our integrating family.

All this happened between 4-5pm yesterday.

I tell Aliya to hop into the shower and wash her hair. She only has to wash her hair once a week, then I dry it and straighten it. I have to explain how to wash her hair and then rinse it and how to use conditioner and rinse it out. Duh, would she know this? I plan to get it dried before supper then straighten it after supper.

I get the peppers and onions cut up and sauteing for the early dinner we must have since Mihiretu goes to choir on Wed. nights.

Discussion ensues with child who needs some attention from Mom and Dad. (Totally our fault, by the way! We should know better.) Lots of emotion and hugs needed.

Aliya gets out of the shower in the middle of this discussion.

Discussion ends...hugs and more hugs.

Stirring peppers and onions, making pasta salad.

Aliya, "Mom, can you get me on facebook?"

So I get her on facebook.

Mihiretu and Misganaw come in...don't want to be outside anymore. Get the Playdough out.

Aliya, "Mom, my friend is trying to talk to me on facebook. Help me!"

I try to help her but for some reason, facebook is not letting her chat with her friend.

Stirring peppers and onions. (Wishing someone would set the table, thinking, "I could get in my car and drive away for the evening.")

Aliya, "MOM, SHE'S SAYING PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSEEEEE TALK TO ME, TARIKWA." "I'm worried about her, maybe something is wrong!!!!! Mom, I need to talk to her, help me!!"

Mihiretu and Misganaw are NOT sharing. Things are escallating. Misganaw is screaming because Mihiretu took one of his Playdough toys. Mihiretu wants me to explain why Misganaw needs to share!

I try to send a simple facebook message to her friend. It won't work! I tell Aliya that I'm new to facebook and I don't understand why it is doing that. She will HAVE to wait until Dad gets home.

Aliya is desperate to talk to her friend, my peppers are burning, the bread I have under the broiler is burnt, smoke is pouring out of the oven and all I can think about is, "The smoke alarms are going to go off and I cannot HANDLE hearing that noise ever again!"

So I'm yelling, "KIDS!! Open all the doors!!" All the while trying to explain to Aliya that IF she hears a loud, ear piercing sound not to worry, but it is the smoke alarms...all of which means nothing to her so she's asking me, "What??"

It's now after 5. Where is Blaine???? Of all nights to come in late!! Aliya's hair is drying by itself and it is NOT straight.

He FINALLY comes in and sensing the tension, says, "What's burning??? Wow, everybody is crabby in here!"

To which I reply, "DO NOT SAY THAT RIGHT NOW! I need you to ASSIST!"

So there...if you think our life is like a story book, think again!! We got through it and after helping with homework, cleaning up , straightening hair, picking Mihiretu up from Awana, and getting kids to bed, Blaine and I finally sat down at 9:45 to watch the results show of American Idol.


I don't want a repeat of that hour but...our life?? We wouldn't have it any other way. you feel better?



  1. LOL! I've been living that hour on a regular basis!!!

  2. It always seems like the hour leading up to dinner is when everyone needs your attention. I'm sure there are days that my husband is afraid of what he will find when he comes home.
    Love your story - thanks for sharing. Makes me feel like we may be normal.

    Also, I have not registered for the Summit yet - but will let you know my schedule once I do. Thanks for posting yours and hope to meet you there!

  3. Soooo, did the onions and peppers burn? (You know your smiling at that)

    Sounds stressful but I hope I hear that one of these days. Thanks for the updates. I hope to see you all someday soon.