Saturday, March 20, 2010

She wants a dog

Aliiya told us how much she LOVED dogs while we were still in Ethiopia. I thought if we just ignored the topic, it just might go away!

I'm going out on a limb here saying this on a public blog but I'm not a big dog fan. SORRY to all the dog lovers who read this blog:(

Horses, I completely adore! I had a pony growing up and they were some of the very best years of my life.

When Blake was a little boy, he was afraid of dogs. Well, I wasn't going to have a boy who cringed when a dog approached him so I gave in to Blaine's request to get a puppy. It was for the betterment of my son, after all. I agreed but on the condition that I was not going to clean up the messes in the house caused by this dog. Maggie was a Brittany and ended up being a great dog and friend to the kids for many years. It took her several years to mellow out (and I mean years!).

She bolted away at every chance she got. Her nose drove her to do this. It drove me nuts, having to get in the car and search for her, worry when she didn't come home at night. Did she get hit by a car and how would the kids handle this? Well, she ALWAYS came home. Sometimes she had found some dead fish to roll in and one time she found a dead dear that must have been full of gravel because that's what came out of her all day after she came home. Can I say YUCK?

And through all of this, guess who cleaned up the messes? Guess who fed her every day? That's right, ME!

Katie will tell you that I loved Maggie and cried when she had to be put down. Love is a strong word that to me, can only be used when talking about another person. Dogs are not people...but I did like Maggie, sometimes a lot:)

So my daughter wants a dog. She doesn't yet know that her mom is a big pushover and will give in.

She said to me yesterday when I picked her up from school, "Mom, when I get a poopy (puppy!), will you bring her with you to school when you pick me up?"

Last night, she told me that she was praying for a poopy and God told her, "Yes." I told her He needed to tell me, "Yes".

She wants an answer right after church on Sunday and she wants the puppy after Spring Break.


I don't really want a dog, I really don't.




  1. Ah mom, poopy's are great! ;o) I'll bet she would be a great dog momma ;o) Sounds like God will tell you yes before he tells my husband, think if I be really cute and say please he will say yes too? LOL Good luck! ;o)

  2. LOL..sounds like the child may be getting a dog :)

  3. I vote lab! They are the cutest puppies!!

  4. Brittanys are sort of a notoriously excitable breed. Maybe you can find her a more calm breed this time around and have an easier time of the dog raising...?

  5. my mom reminded me again today that she is STILL looking after my dog that funny enough God told me that I should have too at 16! haha! Moved out to go to college at 18 the dog is still a PUPPY 12 years later!
    Good luck with your new poopy!:)
    I vote a Golden!!!

  6. Good luck is all I have to say! The dog will be yours and we both know puppies no matter how cute grow and are a LOT of work.

    But if you go for it - I will pray it goes well!

    Love and blessings -

  7. )in my best singsong voice) YOU'RE GETTIN A DOOOOOG!!

    Let me know if you need advice on 'type' or breed. You caught a picture of your Brittany and it wasn't in a blur.. I'd say you had a calm Brit.