Monday, May 18, 2009

Too much testosterone

We arrived home last night from a work weekend at the cabin.  We had 2 gorgeous days and lots of strong, capable and willing young men (and a few old ones!) and the docks were in the water quickly, the leaves were cleaned up and 5 big trees were taken down.  I am told by my little spy that my husband was spotted shimmying up a tree.  I am also told none of the younger guys would attempt this feat, so if that tells you anything.  Thanks for your prayers for this man!

It surprised us to know how difficult it was to leave the cabin and not have our own home to come to.  Obviously, we have a very lovely home to come home to but it's not our home. Misganaw seemed to really feel it as he had 4 melt downs that evening, total meltdowns.  He seems to be the one who feels it (or at least talks about it) more that anyone.  While we were at the cabin, I overheard him ask his cousin M, "M, do you like the blue bandaid that is on my house?"  Poor kid, it really is hard on him.

I am more convinced than ever that we definitely need another girl in this family.  There is way too much testosterone flowing in this family.  Let me give you the most recent example...

Today, Mihiretu had his buddy, W over to play.  They were outside playing.  I was sitting at my computer working on my fire inventory, once again.  All of a sudden, I hear a noise and look out the sliding glass door just in time to see two boys FAAA-LYYYING down the long and pretty steep hill right outside.  So guess what they were riding on??  Mihiretu loves to fly on his bike down this hill and that makes me nervous.  No, they were on Misganaw's stroller...both of them together...all 120 pounds of them.  Pretty sure that stroller wasn't made to hold that much weight.  So I ran outside and had a few words with these adventuresome boys.  If you could have seen me but not heard me (well, you'd be pretty hard of hearing) but you would have seen me pointing at my head several times.  As you can see, some estrogen would be lovely.  Thank God, no one was hurt and the stroller is intact!  When is it that they say a boys brain is completely developed?  I think it's like 23 or so.  Wow, we have a long way to go.  ;)

Hey, please say a little prayer for my blog friends, Amanda and Matt who leave Wed. for Ethiopia to visit their daughter.  They are running into all kinds of horrible road blocks and due to some legal red tape have not passed court after 6 tries.  This little girl needs to be here with her family and they are at their wits end.  Pray that they can pull some strings when they get there so they can bring their daughter, S home.  Pray that God would move mountains for them.



  1. lol, yes I know testosterone is running rampant here too! Sorry the boys are feeling the loss it's hard all the way around huh? Praying for you all.

  2. Laura, I have had some great conversations with YWAM about working with them on our trip next year! I am SO excited! I want to go now! ;o)