Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feeling hopeful again

I finally seem to have broken out of the 'numb' state from which I've been occupying for the past few weeks.  Memorial Day, Blaine wanted to spend the day at the house doing yard work like cutting down some trees and transplanting some hostas and ferns.  I must admit, I felt ambivalent
about spending so much time there.  It's both bitter and sweet to be there.  My sweet sister, P came to help and as we weeded and transplanted, she reminded me that soon we will be home again.  I have lost sight of that lately, being a very shortsighted person.  She got me excited again and we really did get a lot of yard work done, which will be wonderful when we get back in our house again.  

We spent Saturday and Sunday away at Blaine's Aunt and Uncle's lake home fishing with the little boys.  T and H are wonderful hosts and I actually had time to devote to just playing with the boys again.  It was just what we needed!  I felt like me again.  At our home away from home, I feel like I any time I'm not cooking, bathing the kids, cleaning, etc. I need to be working on the inventory in order to get that done.  It was great not to have that hanging over my head. Peaceful!

Blaine and I went today to pick out plumbing fixtures and tubs today.  Then we went to pick out a new fireplace for the living room.  Finally, some progress towards seeing the house finished. It was fun!

I also find myself allowing myself to think more and more about our next adoption.  I'm getting excited to begin the journey again.  

Also, my brother and sister in law are very soon moving back to Minnesota from Spokane after many years away.  I'm excited to have them closer and be a complete family again.  Now we just need to get their son and his sweet wife here and we'll have it all!  Pray for them as they are leaving a beautiful home, wonderful church, their son and daughter in law.  My brother is having health problems and needs more family around for support.  No matter what the reason for the change, I have learned that transition is so hard and adjustment takes time.  It will be a blessing to be together again.

God truly is good and I know He has a purpose in everything that happens to us, good and bad. People always say, "When it rains, it pours," and always pertaining to bad things happening. Really we should also remember to say that when good things are happening to us over and over.  "When it rains, it pours (blessings)." I think we really just love to complain and people love to commiserate.  Ugh...I hate it.  Waste of time and energy.  

Ok, I'll get off my soapbox and go to warm, comfy bed with my belly full of oatmeal cookies and my 4 beautiful children safely in their beds.  

Ahhh...when it rains, it pours.



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  1. Glad you feel like moving forward again. I know limbo is a hard place. As awful as as the reason is that you have to buy the new stuff for the house, shopping can sure be fun! ;o)
    Excited to hear you are looking forward to the adoption again. ;o)