Thursday, May 14, 2009


The trusses have been ordered and should be done the first week of June!!  Yea!!  After that, things should get moving.  So pretty soon I need to get busy picking out things for the house like tile, sinks, countertops, etc.  Since our house was only 5 years old, there isn't much I'd like to change so that job shouldn't be too big.  I'm going to meet with our cabinet maker next week to see what he thinks about the kitchen.  The layout will be the same but I'm going to do some different things with the cabinets to make them more efficient.  My kitchen is my 'baby' so it's important to get it right.  

Last week, Blaine and I took the kids for a bike ride down to a nearby lake.  There is a little river coming out of the lake and of course, Mihiretu just had to feel the water.  You can see where this is going.  Mihiretu is the kind of kid who often learns and remembers best if it is learned the 'hard way.'  He occasionally doesn't want to take our wise advice but rather he needs to experience it instead.  He didn't think it felt too cold so then he just had to take his shoes off and walk in it.  It was only a few inches deep but I told him the rocks looked slippery.  Blaine told him 'go ahead' and didn't share my assessment of the slippery rocks.  So in he went and within 2 seconds he slipped and began rolling down the little river in a freezing panic.  If I had only had a video camera!  Keep in mind that this little river was only a few inches deep and probably 12 feet long, so he really wasn't in any danger but you couldn't tell him that.  He thought he was going to drown!  I can't imagine the temperature of this water either.   Blaine and I had the laugh we needed that day - tears were streaming down our faces.  Mihiretu was laughing (after Blaine pulled him out) until he realized he had to ride his bike home soaking wet.   Anyway, it was HILARIOUS!

Well, yesterday while driving in the car Misganaw recalls this incident this way.

"Mom, remember when we were all riding our bikes on the street?  And we went to that park?  And Dad threw Mihiretu into the river?"

I laughed and reminded him that Dad did not throw his brother into the river.

He said, "Yeah and there are crocodiles in that river!"

Oh, the imagination of a 3 year old.

Did I say 3 year old??  Yep, yesterday was Misganaw's birthday.  My baby is 3.   Having done it before, I can honestly say it's a love/hate thing watching your kids get older.  I hate to see Misganaw get any older but I also know every phase has so much joy and fun in it.  Plus, there is very little I can do about it! I love them all but if I had to pick I'd say age 3 is my absolute favorite!  So we should be in for a fun year.

We still are having a very good experience with our insurance company.   Miracle, huh??  If I didn't mention before (I think I might have) our insurance company is Travelers.  They have been a pleasure which is believe is rare from what I've heard.  My two cents is to make absolutely certain you have enough insurance, house and contents.  As I said before, we had just gotten Travelers after 20 years with another insurance company.  We were sorely underinsured and if we'd had this fire a year ago, we'd be having a whole different experience because we didn't have enough coverage.  Be sure you do for your own security.


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  1. Dealing with insurance now for our fried AC... you are SO right because ours is not so good!
    I love 3 too, although it's a tough age as well ;o) We didn't get terrible 2's we got terrible 3's ;o) They sure are little sponges though huh? ;o)
    Have fun planning your 'new' kitchen.