Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A day in the life of Misganaw

Morning:  As I was getting him out of his car seat, I begin teasing Misganaw by saying to him, "Look at that neck...I think I might have to bite it.  Oh, here is a hand, I'm gonna eat it!"  Usually when I do this (which is often) I pretend to bite him and he laughs and laughs.  This time, he instantly picks his nose and points it at me and says, "Here.  Eat my bugger."  I burst out laughing and say, "I'm most certainly NOT going to eat your bugger."  He puts his finger back in his nose and says, "Have another one."  

Dinnertime:  Blaine was holding Misganaw on his lap.  He pointed to the part of his leg under his knee and asked Daddy, "What is this?"  Blaine replies, "That is your shin."  Misganaw replies, "No it's not.  This is my shin," and points to his chin!  He had the whole table cracking up over that one.

Bedtime:  I was watching the highlights of American Idol that we recorded and the boys were supposed to be going to sleep.  Right...good one.  Anyway, I hear Misganaw say, "Mommy, come here.  Mihiretu needs your help."  I usually don't rush in for these things because usually when I get there I get asked a life or death question about what we're having for breakfast tomorrow or something life shattering like that.  But then, in the most precious, concerned, drama-filled, almost crying voice, Misganaw says, "Mommy, would you please come and help my bluller, Mihiretu?  (He can't say 'brother'.)  He fell when he was trying to sleep in his bed."  Right...I then hear Mihiretu say, "I can't hold on much longer!"  I walk into the bedroom and see Misganaw standing on the bed holding tightly onto his 'blullers' ankles for dear life.  Keep in mind, Misganaw is 28 pounds soaking wet and Mihiretu us over 60 pounds.  

Yep, he'd very obviously been almost sound asleep when he suddenly and without warning went head first off the end of his bed into a cabinet and got stuck.  I just don't understand how these things happen to an almost sleeping child.  Hmmmmmm.......

Those are the highlights of our day other than American Idol.  Seriously, was that the best finale show ever?  Rod Stewart, Queen, Kiss, Keith Urban...great entertainment.  I couldn't help but sing along with my between pulling my sons'  head out of a cabinet, I mean. 




  1. Boys are grand aren't they?! Your days sound like mine. Love it! ;o)
    And I too was loving the finale... that was so much fun! Kiss was my favorite!