Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This and that

Just a little update to say we had a wonderful Valentine's Day at our home. We took steaks out of the freezer, set the table with red candles and red tulips, turned the lights down and enjoyed each others' company. We took the opportunity to celebrate Aliya's 'gotcha day' also and had 8 huge chocolate cupcakes for dessert.

The Federal Government must also have felt especially loving since Window 11 guy arranged it so Aliya's Soci*l Sec. card arrived on Valentine's Day! How thoughtful is that? I think he must be trying to make it up to me for all the problems! One more reason to celebrate;)

Another HUGE thing we have recently celebrated is that the entire fire paperwork is done! Yes, it took us almost 2 years to finish it but finished it is! If that isn't great enough, the insurance company gave us the entire amount we sent questions asked or hassles given. Really, this is a blessing to us and we didn't expect it. If you need a GREAT insurance company, check out Travelers. They have been really good to deal with and very fair with us.

I do have to go on record and say how thankful I am for my sweetie. Blaine is a husband who knows me and understands me. His ear is always listening to God's heart. When he hears God's voice, he listens. I'm very excited to have him visit Korah this year when we go. Can't wait to see what God shows him there.

I'm sure thankful that God made him for me.

We *may* have some wonderful friends who just *may* join us on our trip to Ethiopia. This couple is also celebrating their 25th anniversary. When we originally told them we were going, they discussed it and commented that visiting a leper colony for one's 25th anniversary would be a very weird thing to do, but since it was us, it seemed pretty normal:) I love it:) Anyway, they are praying about it and seriously considering joining us. How WONDERFUL is that???
I guess they are just as WEIRD as us now!

Oh, one more thing. Our oldest birdie is leaving the next in 2 short days. He closes on his house on Friday and even though he won't have water until early the next week, he is going to move in and begin working on it. Do you think he is in a hurry to get away from us?? We will miss our boy. He is our first to leave the next for us. Pray for all of us:)


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