Thursday, February 3, 2011

Misganaw's thoughts on 'family'

On the way home from church last night, Misganaw in a very impassioned voice says, "Mom, Blake, Katie and De are part of our family."

Then Mihiretu started talking and so I just let Misganaw's comment pass.

But then he repeated it, louder and with more passion, "MOM, Blake...Katie...and De are part of our family!"

I replied, "Yes, that's right, Misganaw."

He continued, "And family does NOT put out family!"

Then I realized what he had obviously been thinking about. Blake is in the process of buying a house and it looks like he'll be moving out yet this month. Misganaw thinks we are putting him out. Katie and De are getting married in June and have been house shopping, as well. He thinks we are putting them out.

I explained to him that we love Blake, Katie and De but they *want* to move out and start a home of their own. I asked him if he was sad about this. He said, "Yes, it's just not nice. We are family and we love each other."


Later today, I will post another walk down memory lane from 4 years ago.

I think my pre-schooler has a pretty good understanding about 'family.' Don't you?



  1. Love this! Yes I do believe he does. ;) We have had similar conversations with N...trying to figure out if he's going to still live with us when he's married. :)

  2. How precious!!

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