Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our 4 year anniversary-looking back

Four years ago today, we made this walk from our guest home to the care center where our boys were lovingly being taken care of. I remember thinking how surreal this was at the time. In the light colored building, we would meet our 2 new just a few MINUTES!!! We don't have video of this so I have to rely on my memory for this but as we walked up to the gate and the children saw us coming, they began yelling, "Mihiretu...mama...daddy! Mama..daddy!!
We walked through the gate and spotted him in his bright orange shirt. Blaine knelt down and instantly Mihiretu came close and leaned into Blaine and put his arm around him.

So. Sweet.

This is the first picture we took of Mihiretu. Look how TINY he is!! Tiny is not a word that can be used to describe this kid today!! We brought toy cars and a flashlight to use to play with him when we met. He spoke no English and we spoke no Amharic but we managed to get to know each other through play. We began building trust but passing the car to him and he'd pass it back.

This is the first picture I have with Misganaw and the first time I held him. He refused to look at me and all of us until we took him off the grounds of the care center. I can't even imagine what this little guy was thinking. I can hardly believe I'm the mother of a baby again!! That's what I'm thinking.

This was one of Misganaw's nanny's at the care center. She loved him so much and had a very hard time letting him go. I had to comfort her through her heart broke for her. I'm so happy they love the children the way they do.

Taking it ALL in here. We could tell immediately that the boys loved each other very much. Mihiretu was a pro at carrying his little brother around, as small as he was then.

Masse (the man who ran the guest home then) and tiny Mihiretu.

Mihiretu eating double fisted in Dulles in the Delta Club. We could see we had some work to do on his manners:)

A weary dad holding his new baby. Misganaw still looks dazed but it didn't take long for our wonderful bond to form with both boys.

This is my memory lane today.

I still cannot believe God saw us fit to parent these two precious boys! Often times, I say in my head, "I am the MOST blessed mom in the world." These boys have brought such life and laughter into our family. They have taught us so much about unconditional love and resiliency.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a 45 year old mom of a pre-schooler. I love his hugs, his 100 I love you's a day and all the funny things he says. On the way home from pre-school today, I asked him, "Do you know how much fun it is to be your mommy?" I told him it is a LOT of fun. He proceeded to tell me, "If I was your mommy and you were the little kid, I would let you have as much candy every day as you want!" Interpreted...he loves me so much!

I love watching Mihiretu grow. I love watching him learn to read, make friends and memorize Bible verses. He's so excited that today is his 'gotcha day' (the day we 'got' them) because he knows there will be a special treat after dinner tonight. What he doesn't know is that there will also be a special treat before dinner, too! The other night he hugged me and told me, "Mom, you and my mommy in Ethiopia are the BEST mommies in the world!" I told him, "Thank you! Your Ethiopian mommy loves you very much and she was a wonderful mommy to you and Misganaw."

Soon, I will write about why we adopted in the first place. If you don't know the story, it is a miraculous one that only God could have orchestrated! Can't wait to revisit it.

If God is tugging on your heart about adoption...LISTEN. You could be missing the biggest blessing imaginable.


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  1. Amen!!! Man Masse! :) He was a great guy :) What a wonderful walk with you... brought me back too. :) Can't wait to read more...