Friday, January 29, 2010

What will it look like when Tarikwa comes home?

It's hard to believe that in one week from tomorrow, Katie and I will be boarding a plane bound for Ethiopia and our daugher (and Katie's new sister!). I have had people ask me how the first few weeks at home will look with her.

We really would love all of our family to be at the airport with balloons and banners, celebrating and welcoming home our newest member! We though all those people might be overwhelming for Tarikwa so Katie came up with a great idea. She and her Aunt Jenny made up a Shutterfly book with pictures of each family member and their names. We have it separated into my side of the family and Blaine's side so she can put together who goes with who. I know that she will study this and will have a good idea who all of these people are who are crying, hugging and kissing her and taking pictures and video when we get off the plane.

We will visit for a while at the airport and then go our separate ways. Blake will have to drive his car and Blaine will have to drive the Jeep. The family is just too big with our suitcases to all fit in one vehicle anymore!

Unfortunately, it will be dark by the time we arrive at the house. I'd really have loved it if Tarikwa could see where she is but that will wait till morning. We'll probably show her the first level and then straight up to see her bedroom. Her bedroom! Her very own. I'm sure that will be emotional. (Think Michael in Blindside-so precious)

Maybe we'll order some pizza since it will be dinnertime. The little boys will drag (and I mean drag) her all around the house to show her everything and they will want her to play with them. :-)

We'll just spend time getting to know her at home for a while. We'll love on her until she can't take it anymore! We'll go to the salon and get her hair done.

I have her scheduled for a doctor appointment with the International Adoption Clinic the first part of March. They are excellent and experts in the field of internationally adopted kids. The woman I have her scheduled with has a lot of experience with kids adopted from Africa, and she herself has 2 daughters from Africa.

The second week of March, 2 ELL (English Language Learners) teachers from our district coming for a home visit to evaluate her and help us determine what grade to place her in. We have such a great and helpful district which I thank God for.

From there, we just work at becoming a family together:-) We have no illusions that this will happen overnight. It will take work and effort and time. But we're invested for the long haul!

Can't wait to get started!

Still waiting to hear anything about our paperwork. Hopefully today!

Praying and trusting,


  1. How awesome is HE? Amazing isn't it to think in two weeks we will be living with our girls forever!

    Oh how I can't wait to be DONE with everything adoption! I need a little break from this journey!

    Love you!
    Counting down the days until we meet!!!!!

  2. YAY! Love the word pictures of life as you will know it! :o) Can't wait to watch it all unfold in real life! :o)


  4. Wow, your family is absolutely AMAZING. Just reading your story brings tears to my eyes. This sweet little angel is going to have so much love she will probably never stop smiling (that's a great thing). I hope to someday meet her and the boys. Your paperwork will be in, your trip will go smoothly, and everything will be perfect. Thank you for keeping these journals going. I can't wait to see where your journey takes you. Your in my thoughts everyday. Give hugs to everyone and tell Blaine hi for me.

    Love, Cathy