Saturday, January 23, 2010

Got a letter :)

It arrived!! Letters to "Dear my sister, Katie", "Dear my brothers", "Dear Dad" and "Dear Mom." Can I just tell you how precious and exciting it is to receive such letters from so far away???

Well, I'm going to tell you Tarikwa's new name. She seems to really like it, as she signed every letter with it and even put it on the envelope!

We had chosen the name 'Aliya' for her middle name but it looks like now she will be Aliya Tarikwa. Aliya means, 'to come up from or ascend.' We think it is a beautiful name, with a beautiful meaning and an ethnic flair. It is not an Ethiopian name but we really like it and feels it suits her.

In the previous paragraph, you may have noticed that I said 'looks like'. Let me show you why.

Here's mine:

Dear Mom,

Hi How are you mom? I am fine. How was everything? Today I got your letter and I am so happy. Thank you for name Aliya. I will keep my first name ok mom. I hope you will come to here February first. I can't wait February because you will be here. Mom to come in here with Medhanit family? I love you so much ok mom. I pray for you every day. I love you soooooooooo much.

Your daughter
Aliya (Tarikwa)

Jesus is my life

I think she means that she will keep Tarikwa as her middle name since she signed everything, "Aliya." But I guess I can't be sure but it looks like that to us. I guess we'll find out for sure when we meet her:)

Here's the cutest part of her letter to Blaine:

I am so glad your favorite food is pizza and ice cream. Me to dad. Like my name Aliya.


I You

Here's a cute part in Katie's letter:

Tell your boyfriend De Heppy Birthday. I pray for you every day, my sister and please pray to me. (I think she means for me) So cute!!

And the boys' letter:

How are you my brothers. How was your school and everything. My school is good. I hope we are together soon. Mom and Katie in here soon. I love your pretty picture. I love you my brothers and God love you. I pray for you every day. Please pray to God everyday. I love you so much my brothers and my family.

Your sister
Aliya (Tarikwa)

God is my

I love that somehow she's figured out that we are coming with Medhanit's (Lilly) family!! How did she figure that out?? Smart girls!

Can you just imagine how these 2 girls feel right now? I can just imagine them being totally giddy with anticipation. Hehe! To know the time in the orphanage is soon coming to an end and very soon they will have a family to love them. Their very own family...forever. Thank you Jesus.

Sitting up here on Cloud 9,
Laura :)


  1. SO sweet! I love it! What a beautiful little heart she has. I love the name as well!!! Good choice ;o)

  2. I LOVE IT! Her name is beautiful too :-)

    How precious is that!?

    She and Lilly know because I tell her that we are coming together! That God has paved a way for them to leave at the same time!

    I'm so out of my mind excited for you all! And for the girls!

    Counting down the days now until we meet!

    Love you Laura!


  3. Love the name, It's very beautiful. She is such a beautiful girl. She fits into your family so well already. I hope you have a safe journey, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Let me know if you need any help with anything. I am always here for you.

    Love you all.
    Cathy Rauscher

  4. I love her letters! How precious. You know that one of our daughters is named Alia? Such a pretty name and I love the way you spelled it.

  5. I am delurking here to say that this post made me teary. Her letters are so wonderful and sweet. They show a special heart. I will be excited to read more!

  6. I forgot to mention that she asked me to read your letters to her when I was there. She was so cute, answering all the questions as I read them...I'm so excited for you guys! In case you couldn't tell, I think she's a great girl!

  7. Laura~

    I LOVE her name! Did I tell you that that's what we named our daughter?? We've been home for a week now, and all is going great! We brought Aliyah Beza & Joshua Cherinet home!!

    Blessings! Chris in WA state!

  8. This ABSOLUTELY blesses my heart!!!! I can't even imagine the joy that must fill your heart when you receive these letters and especially because she loves Jesus already! Our God is an awesome God! :).