Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some Christmas pics

Misganaw with homemade "schmushmallow" on his face!

I LOVE this picture! Totally cracks me up. Blaine really loves De but they tease each other endlessly. De tends to be a comedian around the house, as you can probably tell. I don't know how he got so covered in marshmallow! I can only imagine what Blaine is saying to him. I love the snarl on Blaine's face. It's all in good fun, I assure you!!

I didn't even know anyone was behind me. Now you see why De makes me laugh constantly!

Yes, it's true...I celebrated my 44th birthday on Christmas Day, hence the 4 candles on the trifle. It was so wonderful to be home to celebrate it.

We got dumped on with the big Christmas snowstorm. It was the most beautiful Christmas ever!!! Mihiretu enjoying some sledding.

If this picture only had sound! Mihiretu's laugh is hilarious. Misganaw is sitting backward on the sled.

Misganaw and Mommy. I have to was pretty fun!

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebration with our families. My nephew and his wife came from Spokane which made our family complete (except for the one in Ethiopia!). It was the first time our whole family was together for Christmas in 16 years!

We ended up with 20 for dinner but and when we were counting everybody up, I asked Blaine for confirmation on my number. He started out, "Well, we have 7 plus De..." I laughed and reminded him that we still are only 6 and that one of us was still in Africa! He was counting Tarikwa! Sweet, huh?



  1. Oh will we have fun together when we finally meet!

    Love these shots and your family is beautiful! Laura your new home is GORGEOUS - God surely blessed you through the storm!

    Love you,
    Who agrees with Blaine - you have 7.

  2. I love the pics!! ;o) What fun! And hey!!! You are what? 5 yrs older than me? sheesh...sooooo old ;o) You look fab!! De looks like real trip! ;o) Thanks for sharing, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!