Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More pics *edit* even more pics!

I just can't help myself! More pics! This is Anaya (Letarik) and Tarikwa in Ethiopia.

Anaya and Tarikwa in their room at the orphanage.

How precious is this one? This is Tarikwa, Anaya and Lilly (Medhanit) before Anaya left for home. Remember Lilly passed court last Tuesday? All 3 of these girls have found forever families and will be home all in the period of 6 months. They range from age 10-12.

Here she is in the 'family' shirt we sent her. The women she is next to took was kind enough to send these pics to me.

I LOVE this picture of Tarikwa with her gift bag. This is the moment she found out that she has a family. Can you imagine how that feels? She's just glowing isn't she?

"My Family!" Proud as a peacock, huh?



  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hugs sweet friend - God always delivers right on TIME!


  2. CONGRATULATIONS........Anaya is standing right next to me thanking Jesus for this. She just said "mommy, I got my Christmas wish"....She is so excited that both her friends are coming home....

    I'm sure we will be meeting very soon.


    Bibi - Anaya's mommy

  3. Congratulations, Laura, Blaine and family!!!! This is wonderful Christmas news!!! She is just a beautiful girl and you are all so lucky that God has brought you together!
    Can't wait to follow in the next adventure as you travel to meet your new daughter!!
    Brian, Mary, Lauren & Ben Jaenisch (Your neighbors across Deer Lake!!)