Sunday, December 6, 2009

On pins and needles

While we sleep tonight (or possibly tomorrow night) Tarikwa will be in an Ethiopian court, having her case heard before a judge. If all things are in order, she will legally be declared our daughter. If you haven't been through this, it's hard to describe how it feels.

It feels absolutely wonderful to finally be at this point...court. We are so close!

It feels overwhelming to think that we could be traveling next month!

It feels so exciting to know we will meet her soon!

It feels humbling to think that God sees us worthy of being her parents and family.

Her bedroom was painted on Saturday and today, after a trip to Ikea, her bedroom is complete! May I just say it looks gorgeous! Katie and I had fun lying on her bed just imaging her in her room.

I will post some lovely bedroom pics tomorrow. Be are in for a surprise!

Hope to post some wonderful news tomorrow or Tuesday. Pray that her case will be successful:)



  1. Laura,

    I don't know you personally, but found your blog! Our courtdate was last friday, so I know JUST how you feel! We passed! and now we have two kids in Ethiopia waiting for us! I pray you guys hear soon, so you don't have to hold your breath all day. Maybe we'll even be travelling at the same time!?! You can email if you want.....


  2. You know I feel the exact same way as we wait together to hear news!

    Father, we trust that You have already gone before us and every detail is in Your hands! Father, we know that You love our daughters more than we ever will and want what is best for them - so Your timing for them to come home will be perfect! We thank You God for trusting us to parent these children. We thank You God for putting them on our hearts and now so deeply in them! Father, we trust in Your love for us to do more than we ever thought possible. We trust in the finished work of Your Son and thank You for giving us life! Father in Jesus name we ask that Your will be done today! We love You! We Praise YOU! We give You all glory! In Jesus name! AMEN!

    Love and hugs Laura!

  3. oooooo!!! hope you get your good news in the morning!!

  4. Praying for both Tarikwa and for Medhanit that they both pass today or tomorrow and that their mom's will be on their way to get them next month! They are in Gods hands and He has perfect timing! Can't wait to see pictures of her on your blog! I think you need to post some pictures of her room.
    Email me your address so I can send out a Christmas card to you.