Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The latest on our delay

I've been emailing our agency back and forth trying to get some answers on what happened.

In a nutshell:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was closed Friday and since they must send an approval letter to the court for the adoption, it couldn't get done for the court cases that were to be heard on Monday. When the representative from our agency showed up at court, he found a note on the door stating "no cases would be heard today."

The court did say that they would approve cases once they got the approval letters from MOWA, without another court date having to be set up. However, it seems that they have said this same thing before only to change their mind and eventually require another court date to be scheduled. What we do know is that our case is now 'pending' and was not rescheduled. I was told that in a situation like this, "All we can ever do is wait and see what will happen. There is no way to predict how things will play out."

'Pending' is sort of a frustrating place to be. It feels like we're just floating out in nowhere land because there are no answers.

But God knows. He has the answers and His timing is always perfect. So we continue to trust in the One who is trust-worthy. He loves our daughter more than we do. He is all wise and all knowing and all loving.

So I'm asking for prayer that the court will keep their word and do what they said they will do, which is approve our court case as soon as they receive the approval letter from MOWA and NOT require another court case to be scheduled.

We really appreciate all the prayers from you and the encouraging words!

Now on to some wonderful, wonderful news!!! Tarikwa's friend at the orphanage DID pass court today. They weren't even scheduled for court until tomorrow! But the email came today to her happy Mom that she indeed did pass and she is officially part of their family!!! I can't tell you how thrilled I am for her and her new family! God is so very good.

I'll update as I get any news. In the meantime, pray!



  1. praying - so sorry for you all! this process just can't be easy.... but GOD is still in control!!! Praying!!

  2. Praying, I am so sorry for the lack of answers, that's such a hard thing to deal with...lol one I never really got. Although I know it's just as frustrating for the agency to have to tell you..as it is to hear it. Hang in there! Praises for her friend. I hope you still get to travel together!

  3. I love you Laura and our family continues to pray over Tarikwa!!!

    We trust His plan will be perfect for us to be together and share this final journey!

    Big hugs and thanks for your support! So glad God used adoption of His children to bring us together!


  4. wee hoo! You have the strength and courage of an ox! You inspire me!

  5. I will continue to pray! I am just believing that they will pass her this week without needing another court date.