Sunday, August 29, 2010

What's happening with Korah?

Oh, those faces. Just can't get them out of our minds. I pray that God keeps them burned in our minds forever.

I haven't blogged much about Korah lately so I thought I'd write a little today to give you an update.

Teams are still going to Korah to work. Project 61 is the ministry from Sumer's church in TN that is wonderfully coordinating all things Korah at the time. Honestly, I am so impressed at the type of people who must attend her church. I'm in awe, really. People have rallied around her and her family, who now live in Korah. They have sent team after team to work and develop relationships. Many have become sponsors. ALL have become advocates for the people of Korah and spreading the word far and wide. Korah, a place that was barely on the map (figuratively speaking) is now known by people all over the world! Christians have been deeply and forever effected when they've seen the faces and heard the stories and are taking action. God's people have awakened! And they're on FIRE!

The first news I'd like to share is that all the slots for the boarding school have been FILLED! 250 kids, who formerly lived in a dump or other difficult situations (like having no parents) are leaving on September 12 for the boarding school in Shashemane, Ethiopia. They are living now in the dorms that Katie, Blake, De and Zach worked on when they were there getting prepared to attend boarding school. Can you even imagine the day they arrive there? I've seen pics and let me tell you, it is BEAUTIFUL. Lush and green, no pollution, a library FULL of books, lovely dorms and a dining hall just waiting for kids to sit down for a meal.

There are also children who will attend school right in Korah at the Great Hope Church there. The school is called Bright Hope School and many kids in the community will go to school there in the fall. There was an organization who was doing sponsorships to this school but that relationship has ended and now Project 61 is taking over these sponsorships. The great thing about this is with Project 61, there are NO administrative costs involved. So when you send $35 to sponsor a child, it all gets sent to the school and it's work. They are not equipped to send pictures of kids (the way Compassion or World Vision does) so when you send money, it basically goes into a pool for all the kids to go to school. (Correct me if I'm wrong please!) Because Katie developed relationships with Fasika and Beza when she was there, we are 'sponsoring' them to Bright Hope. The other little guy that Katie fell in love with is being sponsored to the boarding school by another family who also fell in love with him and made the decision to sponsor him when they were visiting Korah.

There are many people who have talked about different projects that they'd like to see done in Korah. As you know the needs there are staggering but God has sent very qualified people from different organizations and fields to research, talk with govt. officials and get the work done. I had the opportunity to be a part of a conference call the other day and hear these people talk about their area and what is currently happening.

I can't help but tell you, I was so excited to hear what they all had to say. Progress is being made! REAL progress. These are people who are not going to give up on Korah. These are 'get the job done' kind of people. One improvement I will share is the need for water in Korah. If you'll remember, people have to walk 45 minutes one way to a dirty river for a jerry can of water. Can you imagine doing this? I'll tell you, it looks very promising that water will be coming to Korah. The changes it will bring to the peoples lives cannot be measured or overstated. Please pray the the proper steps will take place to see this happen.

We have a couple other things in my mind that we are praying about and asking God to show us if we are to be involved in them. Please pray with us.

I wanted to share this encouraging update to let you know that your prayers have been effective.

I will update (I actually have a wonderful short movie I will share soon) when I hear more.

Keep praying,

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  1. Love it Laura! I was sorry to miss the conference call - email any other news when you can!

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