Friday, August 20, 2010

We're off again!

Here are some more pics of our week at the cabin. I LOVE this picture of Blaine and our nephew-in-law, Bryant. I love it because when I think back to last year at this same time, Blaine was still recovering from his being paralyzed in July. He was on mega doses of Prednisone which turned him into a completely different person. The guy in this picture...THAT is my husband!
Praise God for His healing! You should have seen these guys spinning the jet ski around just to get thrown off and do it again and again!

Misganaw and me. He fell asleep on the boat (again)! So cute!

This is my darling Mom, who even though this is only her second year fishing, has become a great fisherwoman! How cute is SHE? She's one of my greatest supporters and is always, always there for me.

This is my sweet sister, Pam. She loves my kids more than just about anyone! She's also a huge help to me and I love her bunches!

I'm waiting for Blaine to return with a part for the camper and then we will be on our way to "Mountain Smushmore." You see, Misganaw actually believes that we are going to a mountain made of "smushmallows." Poor kid, I keep trying to explain it to him but I guess he'll have to see it to believe:)

This trip will include only the 3 youngest kids, Blaine and I.

We cannot wait to get there but have run into many obstacles with the electrical system in the camper. Hopefully, these will soon be repaired and we'll be off!



  1. Have fun!!! Can't wait to see more pics! :) Can't wait to be there myself

  2. I think it's sad that he'll have to find out that the moutain is NOT made of anything other than rock. poor kid. I just wanted to stop in and say hi because it was exactly a year ago I started reading. Amanda