Monday, August 16, 2010

Our week at the cabin

Aliya learned a new skill this past week. The CANNONBALL!!!


This is Mihiretu...I know you thought this was some 12 year old! Hard to believe this kid just turned 8 and is a 2nd grader...hmmmmm.

But here's the proof, Spongebob Cake and all! We bought him a little special cake just for him on his birthday.

This picture is of Mihiretu's and my foot. This was not taken to show you how badly I need a pedicure. It was not taken to show you that I cut my leg. It was definitely NOT to show you my tiny, stubby toes!! Ok, get your laughter out now!!! This picture was taken to show you that my little guy who just turned 8 and is going into 2nd grade has BIGGER feet than his mom!!

I have lots of pics to post in the days to come of everyone at the cabin. We had a wonderful time with my family this past week. We did lots of relaxing, floating, eating :) and jet skiing.

Sam and Nastassia's wedding was beautiful! I'm sorry I cannot show you because BOTH of my camera batteries were dead!! But I have friends who will get me the pics they took because you just HAVE to see Misganaw in his tux!!

We were really proud of our little ring bearer! He was a sight to behold, let me tell you. This kid was born to be a ring bearer. He could give classes to other potential ring bearers!

Without any rehearsal, he walked up with his new wife (or so he thinks) perfectly! After the ceremony, the new little couple :) was supposed to walk back down the aisle. Misganaw was rearing to go but his new wife was not. She was adorable but a little shy and she stood there looking at the ground shaking her head, "no." He stood at he front of the aisle motioning with his finger, "Come on, you can do it!"

After the ceremony, while taking pics, the bridesmaids got him to kiss her on the cheek during a picture. This poor girl, she screamed and ran away crying to her dad! The photographer and all the bridesmaids were laughing their heads off but I knew Misganaw would feel badly about this so I went over to comfort him. He looked at me and loudly said (with hands out to his side going up and down with every phrase) "MOM, she didn' it!"

Then at the reception, he was so anxious to get onto the dance floor. I told him to wait until the father-daughter dance was done. Well, the second the music stopped and some rap song came on, my little man bolted onto the dance floor and began BREAK DANCING!! And I mean this kid can break dance!!!! Everyone formed a circle around him and he went to town! I sat there with my mouth wide open! I couldn't believe how this kid could dance. He went like this all night, even getting his new wife onto the dance floor. They had a blast together!

So I'm thinking...he's such a natural ring bearer that maybe I should make him available for other weddings. You know, like "Rent a Ring Bearer" where for $100 plus the cost of a tux, you can have the CUTEST, funniest, most adorable ring bearer AND then to keep your reception from becoming dull, you could have him for another $100 plus dinner and LOTS and LOTS of cake and punch until 9:30 or until he falls asleep, whichever comes first.

What do you think??


I promise...I'll get some pics!



    Can't wait to see photos!


  2. I can not believe it. I always picture them the same as the photos on the side bar. Never ageing...

  3. Maybe he and Silas could team least for the reception. Silas LOVES to dance too and (not that I'm biased or anything) is pretty good at it, I must say. I'd love to see them jam together!