Monday, December 5, 2011

The BIG news!

I won't keep you in suspense any longer.

Our friends who we traveled with, Kevin and Denise have begun the adoption process for an older sibling group!!

They told us a couple weeks ago but I wanted them to have the chance to share the news with everyone they wanted to tell before I blabbed. It's been hard news to keep quiet!

This is a couple who's youngest child is Blake's age-21, and they are complete empty nesters. They love to travel together and do a lot of biking in the summertime. Currently, their time is theirs and they have all freedom.

But not for long:)

And they are giving it up by choice.

They knew that when God brought them on this trip with us to Ethiopia, that He would require something of them. They weren't going to visit this place and forget it. They weren't sure what their long term commitment would be but they were open and willing for whatever God had for them.

Within 2 weeks of being home, they were certain that adopting was in their future. God confirmed it when Kevin asked for a sign that this was the direction they were to take. They have been our friends for a long time and they remember back 6 years ago when God gave me a dream and showed us we were to adopt. Well, God did it! The next morning was a Sunday and as soon as Denise turned on her phone, she had an email announcing that it was Orphan Sunday! They had no idea that it was. Great confirmation the very next morning!

They are moving full speed ahead. They're signed up with a great agency and busy taking their pre adoption classes, learning what it means to adopt older children.

And through this they are simply giddy with excitement! They remind me of a young couple expecting their first baby:)

We are, of course THRILLED beyond words for them. It's fun to be able to share in this journey and walk along side them.

I am secretly hoping for a couple/few new friends that are my kids ages. Yes, I said few as they are open to 2 or 3! How fun would that be?!

Never, ever doubt that God can change your desires to something the world simply can never understand.


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