Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today is purple day in MN so my boys wore their #28 jerseys today in to represent. When I picked Misganaw up from pre-school, a mom asked him, "So who are you cheering for tonight, Misganaw?"

Without missing a beat, my little sweetie pie replied, "My mom."

That's right, buddy. Always cheer for Mom!

All the kids are doing well at school so far. Aliya is enjoying her classes and teachers. She seems to thrive in social settings. Soccer started for her last week and she LOVES it! Tomorrow she finds out if she made A or B team. She is hoping to make B team, and she probably will since she has doesn't have any real team experience. She loves the game and puts in her heart and soul.
I am so surprised at how much better she can understand and communicate this year with school. Much progress was made over the summer!

Mihiretu likes his teacher and seems to be enjoying school. No home work yet! He's in football and had a game tonight. They got creamed! My boy needs to keep his eye on the ball and quit dancing on the field! He really is a good player when he stays focused:)

Many blessings and cheers for Mom,


  1. So precious!

    great news about Aliya's progress! Lilly is doing amazing all of the sudden with school - the light went on and she is soaring!

    love and hugs,
    3 cheers for MOM! in my case 9! he he he!

  2. LOL... dancing on the field. Oh seriously I wish we lived closer together, he and N would be the best of Dancing on the field together. :)
    So happy for Aliya!! She's so sweet. :) Glad this year is looking good!!

    Have a wonderful weekend...Go MOM!!