Monday, September 27, 2010

Aliya's first birthday-at age 15!

We celebrated Aliya's 15th birthday yesterday. It was an exciting day!

Aliya has never, ever had a birthday party before. I really wanted this to be a memorable day for her and we wanted her to feel so special so I went all out (for me) and hung crepe paper, a banner and got a bouquet of 15 balloons + a Happy Birthday balloon! I never decorate for birthdays, just not my thing. We had 26 people when we brought together Blaine's whole family and my side, too. Lots of people brought her balloons, knowing this was a first for her. Here is part of her balloon collection!

Blaine modeling one of Aliya's new bracelets (or brasslets, as Aliya says!)

This is Aliya's expression when she found out this was a gift card to buy MAKE-UP!

Katie, Aliya and my mom in their birthday hats. Aliya had never seen birthday hats and thought this was really weird. She almost refused to put one on. But, as you can see, Katie got her not only to put one on, but two:)

Aliya and Grandma Joani, who gave her a pair of special earrings.

The family. (I look a little creepy but, oh well!)

Aliya ordered pizza and coffee cake for her birthday so that is what she got, with a chocolate cake to boot.

Her official birthday is Sept. 28, tomorrow so if you happen to see her or can facebook her, be sure to wish her a "Happy Birthday!"

I'm thinking about making her favorite Ethiopian dish, Shiro Wat for her birthday dinner tomorrow. We will see!



  1. Awesome! What a special day and love her expressions!


    Love and blessings,
    From all of us!

  2. Awe Happy early Birthday Aliya!!! Looks like so much fun!!! Great job mom! :)

  3. I am so glad you posted photos. Aliya looks so shiny and happy. What a beautiful family!
    Am I going to run into you at Together for Adoption this weekend? ;)

  4. looks like a GREAT 1st Party!!!!

  5. Hey, I do NOT think you look creapy. You look like you need an adjustment and massage, but still loveable and sweet.