Monday, October 12, 2009

She got it!!

Well, I can finally announce that Tarikwa has received our gift bag! We got an email this afternoon with the picture of the most adorable, beautiful girl who is grinning from ear to ear and holding in her sweet hands the photo album we sent to her. It was open to the page with our family picture on it. She was also wearing the t-shirt we sent her but the front of it was covered up with the photo album she was holding! The shirt fits her perfectly so I guess we can be certain that she wears about a size 12.

I have to tell you that I forwarded the email to Bibi right away since I knew she and Tarikwa's best friend (her daughter, Anaya (who used to be called Letarik) would love to see it. She emailed me right back and told me that when Anaya saw the picture, she kept saying, "Thank you, Mommy! Thank you, Mommy!" She thinks Bibi recruited us to be her family. She told Anaya that she had nothing to do with it and that it was "all God." Anaya had tears of joy streaming down her sweet face.

How precious is that? What a big, tender heart that little girl has for her friend!

Now I need to find some families who are traveling so we can send letters with them for her. Yea!!! She officially knows she has a family who loves her, prays for her and is waiting for her to come home.

Now all we need is a court date! Come on Ethiopian courts...give us a date!!! Our daughter is waiting for us:)

Thanks for sharing in our joy,


  1. Laura - share the photos when you can! I would love nothing more than to see her smiling too!

    Our gift is off to the agency today!

    Oh thank YOU JESUS!

    So happy for you to finally have this news!
    In His Love,

  2. YAY!!!! Happy dancing here for you! ;o) What wonderful news!!!

  3. YIPPEE!!! Can't wait to see your daughter!

  4. Oh my CHIIILLLLSSS! YAY! So exciting!