Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Officially scolded

 I have been a terrible blogger over the past year.  In the past week I've been asked to get back to being a faithful blogger by more than one person so...here I am again.  There is a lot going on in our family and I'm told I need to share it all.  I am blessed that this little blog has been an encouragement to people I don't even know:)

In the next few days I will do a post with lots of details about Katie and De and their moving to Ethiopia.  It's gonna be good!

Blaine and I took the three youngest kids on a spring break trip this year to Washington DC.  We visited Colonial Williamsburg, the Jamestown Settlement and the Yorktown Victory Center.  We celebrated Easter Sunday having brunch at Mt. Vernon, the home of George Washington.  The kids all loved the things we saw, telling us each night, "Thank you for bringing us here. Thank you for today. It was really fun!"  Awww, sweet huh?  Other than all the walking around the entire DC area there were no complaints.

Below are some of the 500 pictures we took.  Enjoy!

                                                              My sweetie and me.

                 MJ, Mihiretu and Aliya in front of the Vietnam Veterans Sculpture...so beautiful.

 This was taken at night in front of the Lincoln Memorial.  The Washington Memorial is behind the kids.  It was very special to stand in the place on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where Dr. Martin Luther King gave his, "I Have a Dream" speech.  All I have to say about that is, "Wow."

     Aliya at Arlington National Cemetery at Arlington House, the former home of Robert E. Lee.

 If we had to chose a favorite it is here, Mt. Vernon.  It was so neat to be where George Washington walked, see his home and all it's furnishings, visit all the outbuildings and see the amazing view he had from the front porch.  No wonder he loved it there so much.

                               The garden at the Governors palace at Colonial Williamsburg.

                The Jamestown Settlement was a fun place to explore and even dress up as a settler.

                                                            Mihiretu is one strong boy!!

                 It was a lot of work living in Jamestown.  Mihiretu carrying heavy buckets of water.

                MJ, General Washington and Mihiretu.  MJ wore that tri-corner hat every second of our trip.

My little soldiers.

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