Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Taking the boys to lunch

After we went and had the feast there, we met the 2 boys we sponsor at the restaurant and had lunch. We'd spent so much time with Ayano's family that it was now 2pm and the boys were pretty hungry! We, of course were not since we'd already eaten at Ayano's. But eat again we did!

Our boys started out acting very shy but warmed up as time went on.

In Ethiopia, it is a sign of respect and love to feed another person. It's done very regularly and is completely normal to see. Ayano started it out by feeding Denise some of his injera, wat and tibs.

Ok, now Katie!

Mandefro, our oldest sponsored child got into the game and fed me.

And then Blaine!

After lunch, the boys went into the courtyard to show us some of their soccer skills with Ayano's new ball. They put the American kids I know to shame:) Little did Mandefro and Temesgen know that in their backpacks were a sweet soccer ball for each of them, too!

Even in a fancy suit, Ayano had skills.

This is Temesgen, our younger sponsored child. He was so sweet but very shy and quiet.

Blaine and I had made up a Shutterfly book with pics of our family. The Ethiopian's were very interested in seeing our 3 Habesha (Ethiopian) kids and what their new lives looked like as American's.

Lunch! Each of the boys had tibs, either beef or lamb fried in oil with jalepeno peppers. Very delicious and a big treat for them.

The whole group of us waiting for lunch to come.

This was a full day! We met with Ayano's family and went to his program. We took everyone out to lunch, which I think cost about $30 or $40 USD for all of us. We next will visit Temesgen's house and mother and after that we'll visit Mandefro's home and family.

Just too much to post all at once!

Tomorrow, Temesgen's home visit.


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