Monday, October 31, 2011

The kids in Korah were very impressed with Blaine's muscles. People there tend to have skinny arms that look nothing like Blaine's. All the kids took a squeeze and declared him, "Rambo."

As most of you know, Korah is a community of 130,000 located in Addis Ababa directly adjacent to the city garbage dump. This is the trash dump and as you can see, there are people picking through the rubbish to find things they can sell or eat.

It does seem that the government is trying to make changes as it relates to the trash dump. In the last 18 months, many people have had pictures of it on their blogs and on facebook. Having the world now aware that people live and make their living in the trash dump has begun to bring about some changes by the government there. There was a sign on the corner of the dump that said something about a "reclamation project." They are letting grass grow on parts of the dump. It seems like they are attempting to make it better.

The other difference we noticed was that the roads around Addis Ababa were in MUCH better condition that they were the first time we were there. Seems like the government is pouring money into benefiting the people. Many, many improvements...lots of new construction.

Back in Sheshemene at the students health evaluations...Maste came dressed for the part but trust me, he's a lot of fun and a great interpreter but he is NOT a doctor!

These are poinsettias at the boarding school in Sheshemene. Honestly, they are about 10 feet tall! So beautiful. I had no idea they got this big.

If you need love, visit Ethiopia! There are always kids surrounding you, hugging you and putting their arms around you. If you bring out pics of your family, you have a completely captivated audience. These kids are looking at our family pics on Blaine's iPhone.

This is the street that the Ethiopia Guest Home where we stayed is located. The homes are in gated compounds and each have their own guard.

And the truth comes can eat REALLY well while in Ethiopia. Not just Ethiopian food either, although you can get that anywhere and it's wonderful. This is Sishu. It's owned by an American and you can get excellent burgers and fries here...just like in America!

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