Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A very big week!

25 years ago today, Blaine and I were married. I know, we're having a hard time believing it, too! We were 19 and 20 years old and totally in love. We had no cold feet or second thoughts. We'd already been a couple for 5 years...Yes, really! Middle school sweethearts:) Through all those years, we never had a break-up or separation of any kind. Never even considered it.

Never would we have even imagined the direction our lives would take over our years of marriage! I'm so glad God doesn't show us what's to come...I would have completely freaked out. He's brought us through many things. Blessings beyond what we could have imagined. Hardships, too. Through it all, Christ has been our center and has led and guided us through all major life events. I can tell you neither of us foresaw being the parent to 5 children!! We hadn't even considered adoption 25 years ago...never entered our minds. We thought 2 would be perfect and we'd have them young so that we'd still be young when they left the nest...lots of us time!

Ha! God had other plans, didn't He?? (Insert HUGE smile here!) I absolutely cannot imagine at this point our lives any differently than they are. Blake has already left the nest and now this Sunday, Katie and De will be getting married. My baby girl. If things had been left to us and God had not intervened in His amazing way, we'd be empty nesters in 5 days. The thought frightens me, honestly. I'm just not ready for that.

God knew in all His wisdom that we needed more kids, even when we did not see that.

So this is a big week at our home.

Our 25th anniversary!
Daughter getting married!
M.J. lost his first tooth today!

So thankful that God knows more than we do:)


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  1. This IS a big week for you!! I’m not ready to be an empty nester either!!!!
    Happy anniversary to ya’ll