Saturday, April 23, 2011


I met with one of our pastors last week to get some advice and prayer about all the hurdles and mountains that keep popping up in our family. We only had a very short time but he did help me. He told me to pray that God would reveal any blatant sin in our home, like pornography or adultry. (This is the hard part of going to a new church...they don't know you.) I don't see anything like that in our family but I will pray that God would show me if there is anything. If there is nothing like that then it is a spiritual battle, which we knew.

He said we do not need to have a martyr attitude, that these things will keep happening to us. He advised us to pray that it all will stop. We will go to the elders of the church for prayer for our family, which is what the Bible says to do. So I feel encouraged again:)

We are getting ready for Easter. We're actually attending Easter service at church tonight (Saturday) to make room for visitors who will inevitably come on Easter Sunday. Never done that, but hey...why not?? Easter dinner will be at our house tomorrow with one extra friend at our table. My friend, Emily will be with us as her family will be out of town. Emily is one of my heroes. She has been on more mission trips than anyone I know and to so many countries. She just spent the last several months in Uganda working with the curriculum for the school system there. This girl is very close to her masters degree in International Development and who knows where God will take her from there. Love this girl and so glad she will be with us for Easter. Then on to Joani's for Easter supper after that!

God has been so good to our family. We are thankful for His provision, protection, encouragement and for the ability to get out of bed each morning and serve Him and serve others. Nothing gives us greater joy. After feeling beaten down, God lovingly gave us a huge blessing yesterday...wish I could share but I cannot...but trust me when I say that we all were giddy with excitement over what God is doing! Just when we needed it most:) What a loving God we have.

The thought that Jesus died to pay for my sins and cover me and make me clean simply takes my breath away. Have a blessed Easter!


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  1. Read this post a while back....At church today, the message reminded me of this post again. We watched a video message "Held" done by Greg Boyd. I know that not all people agree with some of his teachings, but I think you'd really find this message to be interesting. You could probably search and find it online somewhere.