Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hurdle crossed

Today I find myself sitting in yet another hospital room posting on my blog.

Katie had her surgery yesterday. We were told that it would take 30-45 minutes and then someone would come out and tell us what kind of tumor it was. We were told that if it was cancer, it would take him about an hour to do staging (going to the next layer of tissue to check for cancer and on and on until they don't find anymore). She was nervous going into surgery and so were we all but we all felt confident that they wouldn't find cancer.

God had given me many assurances in songs in the past couple weeks. One day, when I was searching for His voice to get me through, He literally spoke loudly to me through Bob Marley. Yes, I said Bob Marley.

"Don't worry about a thing. Every little thing is gonna be alright." Hearing that gave me such a peace at that moment...seriously.

"Oh, no You never let go, through the calm and through the storm. Oh, no You never let go, every high and every low. Oh, no you never let go, Lord You never let go of me."

But as 45 minutes passed, then 1 hour, then an hour and a half and no one came to tell us anything, I was certain that whatever news we received would not be good. I thought, "She is so full of cancer and they are trying to stage it all so they can give us an idea what's to come." Or "She is bleeding so badly that both doctors are needed to work on her so no one can come out and update us."

The ob oncologist finally came out 2 full hours after surgery to talk to us. I was completely prepared for bad news. So when he told us there was no cancer, I was numb. I could not accept the good news. I listened, asked a few questions but couldn't let it sink in.

He told us that it was a boarderline tumor. It's my understanding that this means that it is precancerous. It was completely contained so that is good. He did do staging just in case. He checked her lymph nodes and the fatty layer on her stomach. He didn't find anything concerning there but we will know tomorrow from pathology what they find. But it is not cancer and that was my concern.

She was given an epidural simply for pain management after surgery. It is helping to keep her relatively pain free. She's itchy from the pain medicine that is going in the epidural but they are giving her Benedryl for this and it's helping. She's been up and walking and is doing great with that.

Tomorrow morning they probably will shut the medicine off and she will have to begin oral pain meds. Pray this goes seamlessly for her.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Your encouragement means so much. I've read them all to her and she just smiles with each one.

Sunday morning, God spoke encouraged me with this song.

"Our God is greater,
Our God is stronger,
God you are higher than any other.
God You are HEALER,
Awesome in power.
Our God.
Our God."

Blessings and thankfulness,


  1. Love how He uses song! :) SO very glad to hear that it all went so well!!! Still praying!
    Love ya

  2. I love you, sweets... tons of love we're sending for all of you. Give hugs hugs to Katie, De and everyone... we're continuing to pray. :)

  3. Praise Jesus! Praying for continued good news!