Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Social security with *update*

Guess who got all A's again this past quarter?? Miss Aliya! She has also made her case for this quarter to be out of one of her ELL (English Language Learners) classes. She so wanted to be in Geography (the class she did the presentations on Ethiopia for), which means that now she only has one ELL class for extra help and work on the basics. She went to her dean 3 times to ask for this, spoke on more than one occasion with the Geography teacher and yesterday her ELL teacher called me to see how I felt about it. I told her to make the switch asap or I will endure the wrath of Aliya, who when she wants something, does whatever she can to get it and in the meantime can make life a little unbearable:)

She came home yesterday asking me if I had spoken to the ELL teacher and if I did, why in the world did she have to wait until THURSDAY to start??!!!! I politely reminded her of her doctor appointment on Wednesday afternoon, so Thursday would be the soonest she could start. Oh, my. This is one determined girl!

Monday, she and I went downtown to the Social Sec. office to get Aliya's Soc. Sec. card. If you've never had a card and you're over 12 years of age, you must apply in person. Also, I had Mihiretu's card to get (long story...but he came to the U.S. on an incorrect birthdate on his green card and that had to be fixed before he could get his Soc. Sec. card). Then Misganaw's card had to be updated because he is no longer considered a resident alien, he is a U.S. citizen.

When we arrived, I took a number. They were on number 7 when we arrived. I chose number 109!!! No lie. So we waited an hour and a half to two hours before they called number 109. We were so excited to be called:) We went back to Window 11, I handed the man all our paperwork (remember how much I despise paperwork??????) and he asked me for my drivers license. I handed it to him, he did a few things and handed me back my drivers license and says, "Your drivers license is expired."

"NOOOOOO! Please don't tell me that!" I promise, I am the same person I was on Christmas day when my drivers license expired (not on purpose...I really didn't know).

He didn't care. It was ALL I could do to hold back tears, seriously. So back we go today. I have my new drivers license AND my passport. Don't mess with me this time!

I'll let you know how this one goes.


So she starts Geography on Thursday.

*Update* Another story from the social security office today. We got there, took a number and it was number 173 AND they were on 155!!! Wahhoooooo! Boy, were Aliya and I excited. So excited, in fact, that I didn't hear the window number when they called our number 173. I went back and asked a sweet lady and guess what she said....Window 11!!!!!!!! Oh, no! Not HIM again!! Ugh. Ok, we go back and produce our documents. I give him my license with the yellow piece of paper they give you at the license bureau when you renew. He proceeds to tell my, "I will *try* it with this. I'm not sure it will work."


Fear not for I have brought my passport. I told you...don't mess with me!

The long and the short of it is we got it all done:):):):) It took him a full hour and a half to complete our requests but we got it done. I think it might have been his 3rd day on the job. Wow, the government is so efficient!


  1. oh my.... I would have CRIED!!!
    Praying it all goes well and you get EVERYONE'S CARDS!!!

  2. WOOHOO! So glad it worked! Sorry about the mess, you are right though...sometimes you gotta wonder!

  3. I am SO happy to finally have her. She is an Awesome girl!!!